Ziptek LLC Makes Strides in Medtech at the New York Venture Forum

SARASOTA, Fla., Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ziptek LLC, a Sarasota-based company specializing in knotless tissue repair and attachment solution devices for surgeons, has returned from a successful equity offering presentation at the prestigious New York Venture Forum held at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

Dr William F Bennett MD, the founder of Ziptek, led the delegation. Ziptek has developed a locking resorbable suture button repair system that overcomes present problems with suture loop technology, which, and with especially rotator cuff repairs, has a high re-tear or non-healing rate. The forum featured three halls solely dedicated to the Medtech sector, emphasizing the importance and potential of this rapidly evolving field.

You can view the actual presentation here.

Strong Competition in the Medtech Sector

The competition at the forum was intense, with seasoned executives from international powerhouses such as Medtronics and Boston Scientific presenting on behalf of companies with a broad range of innovative products. Ziptek found itself in an esteemed company with businesses hailing from the Netherlands, Israel, France, and Canada.

Examples of competing companies included:

  • Sensius: A Dutch company specializing in thermotherapeutic approaches to cancer
  • Pathkeepers: An Israeli firm focused on non-radiating spine imaging devices
  • Abys: A surgical planning company from France
  • Aero Hygenx: A Canadian enterprise creating robots for disinfecting hospital rooms
  • June Brain: A Baltimore-based company using AI and eye-scanning technology to detect brain diseases

Positive Reception and Promising Leads

Despite this formidable competition, Ziptek LLC was not only noticed but also lauded for its innovative approach. The company was seeking an investment of $1.5 million, while numerous other companies in the same category were seeking $10 million or more. Ziptek received multiple compliments from seasoned presenters and gained significant international leads.

“We are honored to have participated in the New York Venture Forum,” said Dr. William F. Bennett. “The positive reception Ziptek received amid such esteemed competition speaks volumes about the potential impact of our devices in the healthcare industry.”

Dr Bennett also met with Ziptek’s Key Opinion Leader for Foot and Ankle Surgery (Ziptek’s ZipE devices for the ZiPoPlasty technique), Dr Pete Mangone MD at the annual American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Mangone is the present President of the American Foot and Ankle Foundation and has been at the forefront of new technology in foot and ankle surgery

Multiple companies that were looking to add soft tissue repair devices to their product line spent dedicated time learning about the Zip E technology, engineered mechanically and biologically to sync with natural tissue healing.

What’s Next for Ziptek LLC

With a robust pipeline of research and development projects and the promise of international collaborations, Ziptek LLC is set to make significant contributions to the Medtech industry.

For more information about Ziptek LLC, its products, or upcoming developments, please visit You can also view the entire presentation discussed above directly on the ZIptek website here.

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