Zeal Specialty Pharmacy Opens for Business

PITTSBURGH, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jonathan Ogurchak, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Zeal SP, LLC, today announces the launch of a new nation-wide Specialty Pharmacy: Zeal. The pharmacy is located at 100 Business Center Drive, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

“Patients need options when it comes to specialty care”, said Dr. Ogurchak, a specialty industry veteran. “Our brand-new facility in Pittsburgh – close to Pittsburgh International Airport and in the heart of the specialty pharmacy industry – allows us to efficiently care for patients leveraging the latest technologies and with the best talent the industry has to offer.”

That technology includes cutting edge, web-based patient management platforms that empower the Zeal team to customize the high-touch patient journey for each patient, based on their clinical presentation and needs. Patients may elect multiple modes of communication with their clinical team, including text and email, and can leverage smart device technology in their homes to augment the overall care needed to manage their specialty diagnosis.

So, why Zeal? “The zebra, due to the uniqueness of its stripes, is the official symbol of the rare disease community. A herd of zebras is otherwise known as a “zeal”, stated Brenden Harper, Chief Financial Officer, and Co-Founder. “It is our goal to manage multiple rare disease medications through our first-in-class care model…building our own “zeal” of support for these traditionally underrepresented patients.”

The pharmacy was initially licensed in March 2023, and quickly moved to achieve the ability to dispense to patients nationwide, through the receipt of non-resident licensure. As of this release, Zeal is licensed to operate in 45 states, with the remainder in process and expected by Q42023. Zeal is also in-process and scheduled for survey for accreditation through both URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for specialty pharmacy and Rare Disease Designations, to demonstrate their commitment to quality through third-party validation.

Specialty pharmacy, particularly for patients diagnosed with rare diseases, is one of the fastest growing sectors of the healthcare industry, with over 70% of new drugs approved by the FDA targeting one of these approximately 7,000 conditions. These complex conditions, such as immunology, rheumatology, multiple sclerosis, among others, require a higher level of coordination by the pharmacy to ensure optimal clinical and financial outcomes.

For more information about Zeal Specialty, visit www.zealsp.com or call our corporate offices at 412-912-ZEAL.

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Jonathan Ogurchak



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