Workflow Services and CPESN USA Collaborate to Accelerate Delivery of Clinical Services to Its Community-Based Pharmacy Network

Comprehensive Tech Platform Equips Local Pharmacies with Tools to Educate Patients, Optimize Care Delivery, and Streamline Reimbursement

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Workflow Services, an automated platform that solves point-of-care clinical service delivery for pharmacies, announced a collaboration with CPESN┬« USA, a clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy networks established to advance community-based pharmacy practice. In this new collaboration, community-based pharmacies in the CPESN network will have access to the Workflow Services platform, a full spectrum, front-to-back digital solution to help support medical billing for point-of-care service delivery inside pharmacies.

As healthcare delivery evolves, pharmacies are more widely acknowledged as essential healthcare providers who can deliver convenient and accessible clinical services to their communities. The increasing need for low-acuity services like immunizations, health screenings, and point-of-care testing underscores pharmacies’ need to get reimbursed for patient care delivery. Software tools that facilitate clinical workflows and medical billing are crucial for community pharmacies to optimize care delivery in pharmacy and streamline reimbursement from payers.

“We’re thrilled to bring the powerful tools of the Workflow Services platform to CPESN community pharmacists, empowering them with credentialing support and streamlined payer contracting for medical billing,” said Shannon Brenkendorff, VP of Technical Solutions at Workflow Services by ImageMover. “This collaboration underscores our belief that pharmacists are a key player in local healthcare. With over 90% of the U.S. population residing within five miles of a pharmacy, it’s crucial we equip pharmacists with a suite of tools to ensure the accessible and affordable care they deliver remains convenient and safe for both patients and their wider communities.”

Supporting clinical service delivery at the pharmacy benefits both patients and pharmacists. For pharmacists, patient encounters like point-of-care testing enable them to practice at the top of their license, providing patients with high-quality care, including assessment, diagnostic testing, and medication therapy as needed. With point-of-care testing and other clinical services, pharmacies can both attract new customers and increase revenue to the pharmacy. Patients have signaled greater demand for the convenience and accessibility of services like point-of-care testing. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the point-of-care testing market is expected to increase from $29 Billion in 2021 to $64.46 Billion in 2029.

“My experience of Workflow Services thus far is based on the notable, high-integrity approach to documenting and billing pharmacist services that reflect the true value of the outcomes produced in the patient-pharmacist relationship,” said Travis Wolff, Director of CPESN Medical Billing Supports. “The opportunity to work with Workflow Services as a datashare-compliant technology service provider (TSP) is one that I take great excitement in as we educate pharmacists about the horizons of our profession.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Workflow Services and offer their unique, datashare-compliant medical billing platform to our 3,500 community-based pharmacies,” said Troy Trygstad, Executive Director of CPESN USA. “CPESN USA has been a leader in bringing payers, pharmacies, and communities together to provide locally delivered enhanced health services. We expect the introduction of Workflow Services to help our pharmacies launch clinical services programs with effective reimbursement, which we view as vital for their evolution as community healthcare hubs.”

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Workflow Services is a healthcare software developed by ImageMoverMD, Inc. that innovates seamless point-of-care medical workflow software solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. The company’s solutions employ exclusive approaches to securely capture and integrate medical data to simplify communication and enhance patient care. ImageMoverMD, Inc. was founded in 2013 to design and deliver a secure solution for managing images at the point-of-care. In 2023, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) selected Workflow Services as a partner in its Diagnostic Data Program, the first of its kind launched to collect data from point-of-care tests administered nationally in pharmacy settings. To learn more visit LinkedIn or

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