Why an Online Presence is Important

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Having an online presence is more important than ever before. TruLife specializes in forging a powerful online presence for its clients by using a synergistic, multi-pronged marketing approach. This helps brands create a solid e-commerce presence that can help them build an international audience that spans the globe.

Two decades into the 21st century, it feels like everyone has gotten onto the online marketing bandwagon. While big businesses can afford to dump money into expensive campaigns and build pricey websites, though, small- and medium-sized businesses often struggle with the decision to take their brand onto the cloud. And yet, the folks at TruLife have found that an online presence has become more essential than ever — in spite of the challenge of cutting through the online clutter.

Several years ago, GE Capital Retail Bank conducted their annual Major Purchase Shopper Study. The study found that a staggering 81% of consumers go online before heading to the store. And this was years before tech trends and a self-isolating pandemic made online shopping an even more critical lifeline for the average customer.

This serves to underscore the fact that businesses absolutely need an online presence at this point if they want to succeed. This doesn’t just apply to larger companies or particular industries or niches, either. It’s a near-universal principle.

An online presence can take many different forms, such as:

  • A website: This gives a brand a place to provide resources, communicate with customers, and close sales.
  • Social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest provide opportunities to showcase products, provide customer service, and build a community around a brand.
  • Press releases: Press releases help to alert the larger news-driven online world about the various selling points of a product, a service, and a brand as a whole.
  • Search engines: Search engines provide an opportunity to reach potential customers organically through search engine optimization (SEO) as well as with pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

This variety allows each brand to cobble together an online marketing solution for its own unique needs. This isn’t just effective. In most cases, it’s also an extremely affordable alternative to traditional marketing options.

Another major selling point of being online is the fact that it provides benefits for any kind of business.

For instance, tiny shops catering to the neighborhood can use an online presence to boost their local SEO. It’s been found that one out of every two individuals who search for a local shop visits a physical store within a day. On top of that, 78% of mobile searches for local amenities and stores result in an offline purchase.

When it comes to larger or even medium-sized retailers that cater to regional, national, and international customer bases, the need to be online is even more important. An online presence allows them to overcome the physical distance that separates them from their customers.

This desire to utilize the internet to its maximum business capacity is an area where TruLife really makes a difference for its clients. The company’s marketing model includes utilizing both online and brick-and-mortar opportunities to help establish the brands that it represents.

This is done with a synergistic blend of online activities, like press releases and social media content, to help launch a brand into the spotlight. Additionally, the company’s approach lends itself perfectly to the typically flexible activity of marketing online. The affordability and scalability of online marketing make it easy to tinker with each company’s strategy until they’ve found the ideal marketing mix for that client.

At the end of the day, building an online presence has become an integral part of any successful modern marketing strategy. TruLife leverages the power of this cutting-edge, evolving marketing medium to take its clients from regional brands with moderate success to legitimate competitors on the national and even international stage.

About TruLife: TruLife is a marketing company that was founded by Brian Gould. The CEO is a fourth-generation manufacturer with a deep background in retail distribution. He has placed hundreds of brands with both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. With TruLife, Gould has surrounded himself with an experienced team that offers a variety of effective distribution services for clients from around the globe.

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