Wai Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Expands in Central Florida and Hires Anna Small

LONGWOOD, Fla., Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic have taken a toll on the Central Florida community, leading some residents of the Longwood and Wekiva Springs area to seek a more holistic approach to address their stress and health needs.

As popularity for acupuncture and alternative medicine grows in the Central Florida area, Wai Acupuncture’s mission is to help the Longwood and surrounding communities such as Altamonte Springs to achieve holistic wellbeing using acupuncture and Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment.

"People should consider natural and holistic ways to heal rather than traditionally relying on countless prescribed medication for their illnesses." stated Dr. Nancy Chau, the lead physician at Wai Acupuncture. "Recent research from 2019 infers that medication and prescription errors are the third leading cause of death, whereas holistic healing possesses no side effects."

The expanding demand for holistic healing in Central Florida had brought Wai Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine to expand their clinic workforce, recently introducing Anna Small to the Wai Acupuncture team. Anna Small is a student intern at Wai Acupuncture following her passion to help others heal holistically and attain a balance of wellbeing in their daily lives.

Originally from Buffalo New York, Anna’s journey into holistic healing began when she experienced a pivotal moment of healing from acupuncture during her younger years. The holistic healing experience had turned into a passion for Anna while she attended Buffalo Seminary and completed her undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh.

Anna takes great interest in studying herbology and enjoys learning about Chinese and Eastern philosophies and cultures. The Wai Acupuncture team is dedicated to help clients holistically heal through Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and introducing Anna Small to the team made the clinic’s mission to expand holistic healing even stronger.

For the upcoming year of 2022, Wai Acupuncture and Integrative medicine is excited to announce upcoming additional services to enhance the wellbeing of the Central Florida community. One of the upcoming services includes: Tai-Chi / Qigong programs for those who are interested in nourishing the mind through the martial-arts inspired style of exercise. Furthermore, Wai Acupuncture is proud to announce that Cookie, our clinic canine, is scheduled to receive a therapy dog certification in February. Following her certification, Cookie will be able to participate more in therapy related programs to supplement holistic healing.

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