VMS BioMarketing Launches Wellkind to Help Patients Manage Chronic Disease Therapy

INDIANAPOLIS, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VMS BioMarketing has announced the launch of a new technology called Wellkind, which empowers people with chronic conditions to navigate the uncertainty of their treatment and walk more confidently on a clear bridge to better outcomes.

The rapid advancement of technology and the growth of a patient-centric approach in healthcare has catalyzed patients’ expectations and demands for digital health tools. “Today’s patients are looking for a centralized place to access support to manage their chronic disease therapy, coordination between all the support services that are provided by pharma companies and easy-to-navigate self-serve tools that are personalized to them,” said Mike Young, Chief Technology Officer at VMS BioMarketing.

VMS BioMarketing is launching Wellkind to meet this unaddressed need. Unlike most digital tools that require a patient to proactively find it, VMS Clinical Nurse Educators introduce patients to Wellkind during their first conversation, which happens shortly after a patient is prescribed a new therapy. Additionally, Wellkind doesn’t operate in silo; it’s synchronized with the broader patient support services being provided by pharma companies.

“Bringing Wellkind to market is another monumental step VMS BioMarketing is taking to provide the biopharma industry a differentiated way to engage with patients and improve medication adherence,” continued Young. “Wellkind is a patient’s one-stop shop, delivering an experience that is personalized to each patient.”

The app has a full suite of two-way communication capabilities with a VMS Clinical Nurse Educator, while supporting patients in their medication tracking, goal setting and overall patient journey management including in-app notifications, therapy reminders and check-ins. Patients can also access relevant brand content, resources, and programs such as patient testimonials, FAQ guides, dosing and administration videos, and information on other patient support programs. VMS life science partners choosing to utilize Wellkind as a part of their patient support program have access to a wide array of pre-built, secure, and compliant functionality. However, the experience is customized for each product by leveraging pre-approved brand assets, patient resources, and information on other patient support programs. 

VMS BioMarketing is expecting to engage 25,000+ unique patients using Wellkind throughout 2023. A few of the major features on the development roadmap for Wellkind include integrations with real-world data sources such as wearables and medication dispense devices, next-best action recommendations driven by artificial intelligence, and addition of more self-serve solutions including chatbot technology.

Abigail Mallon, Chief Client Solutions Officer


SOURCE VMS BioMarketing