Venvalo Group Launches Immorta Bio, Inc Aimed at Providing Unlimited Personalized Cells for Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease™

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Venvalo Group announced today formation of Immorta Bio, Inc, a regenerative medicine company dedicated to providing patient specific therapeutic solutions for Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease™.

“As we become older, a number of ailments accumulate, and it is inevitable that eventually you will succumb to one or a combination of those. Solving the issue of diseases of aging is solving the aging itself,” said Dr. Boris Reznik, Chairman and CEO of Immorta Bio. “We are developing personalized stem cell technologies that provide the greatest promise in the fight against diseases of aging.”

The Company’s technologies pipeline consists of: a) Personalized Regenerative Cells (PRCs), pluripotent stem cells capable of generating young versions of any cells of the body; b) Personalized Repair Cells (pMSCs), which are patient-specific mesenchymal stem cells; and c) Personalized Progenitor Cells (PPCs), which are potentially capable of directly forming new younger tissue and healing diseases of aging by replacing function of older damaged tissue.

“While the Company’s technologies allow for the broad variety of conditions and indications to be treated, we initially are focusing on developing and achieving FDA clearance to treat heart failure, liver failure and multiple organ failure,” said Dr. Thomas Ichim, President and CSO of Immorta Bio. “As the development and approval process is lengthy, we are planning to offer PRCs banking for healthy adults and patients, to be transformed into pMSCs or PPCs, as needs arrive,” added Dr. Reznik.

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