Validity Diagnostics Announces Patents Granted by USPTO, Strengthening the Company’s Position in Sample Validity Testing

BRANFORD, Fla., Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Diagnostics, Inc., DBA Validity Diagnostics (VDx), is a research-based developer and manufacturer of diagnostic products, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued (2) patents and VDx expects the issuance of (2) pending patents related to urine drug screen sample validity test panels.

The USPTO has issued U.S. Patent No. 11,214,821 titled, "Reagents and methods of use with automated analyzers for obtaining a specific gravity index for urine." This patent covers utilizing reagents in automated laboratory equipment to determine whether the specific gravity of a urine sample is abnormal, as an indication of adulteration.

The USPTO has also issued U.S. Patent No. 10,571,457 titled, "Methods for the detection of oxidative adulterants in urine sample." The patent covers methods of confirming the presence of an adulterant in a urine sample by using a reagent capable of reacting with uric acid and non-urate markers in a urine sample.

Patents for the detection of synthetic urine and substance use disorder (SUD) are pending and VDx expects issuance by April of this year.

About Specimen Validity Testing (SVT)

With drug use and the subversion of drug tests at an all-time high, VDx’s new SVT panel detects a multitude of subversion techniques such as adulteration. This reduces false negatives in medical laboratories and helps increase overall compliance, limiting the use of pharmaceutical drugs within the substance use disorder (SUD) patients. 

"Families across our country have experienced the loss of teenage children and young adults due to drug overdoses. Many parents require their children to submit to a drug test when drug use is suspected and will often receive negative results, but shortly after finding them dead from an overdose. Many of these overdoses could have been avoided by testing for subversion rather than receiving false negative results." – Jerry Denney CSO (ASCP)

"Two years ago, there were as many drug overdose deaths annually than deaths in the entire Vietnam War, and as of 2021, that number has doubled. Our data shows that 20 to 40% of drug screens are being subverted and it is as easy as an internet search for "pass my drug test". Accurate drug testing should start with verifying that the specimen hasn’t been adulterated or substituted, and the VDx panel does just that." – Robbie Suggs CEO

About Validity Diagnostics (VDx)

Validity Diagnostics is a is a research-based developer and manufacturer of diagnostic products sold to medical laboratories for use on high throughput analyzers used in drug screening.

Although relatively young (founded 2015), the company has world-class, highly experienced senior management and technology developers. Since its founding, the company has created and applied for 5 patents on its break-through technology to identify (SUD) and has established scalable manufacturing. The future for Validity Diagnostics looks bright as they’re researching, developing, and launching new products to help laboratories detect certain deficiencies within their patients.  

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