UT Health East Texas Licenses TheraNow to Offer Remote Telehealth Physical Therapy to Patients

TYLER, Texas, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TheraNow, the leader in telehealth technology and platform for physical therapy and pain management, today announced that UT Health East Texas at Ardent Medical Services has licensed the TheraNow Platform to provide telemedicine and remote physical therapy treatment to patients throughout East Texas.

Through this partnership, UT Health East Texas will provide patients with physical therapy and rehabilitation services at home using TheraNow’s remote telehealth/telerehab platform. Using TheraNow, recovering patients can manage appointments for therapy sessions at home under the guidance of their physician or therapist. TheraNow provides personalized, prescribed one-on-one video therapy sessions with licensed therapists using their laptops or mobile device. The TheraNow app monitors the patient’s progress with outcome tracking that helps the therapist to build an effective progressive rehabilitation program.

According to Ms. Vicki Briggs, CEO UT Health Tyler at Ardent Health Services, “When I was initially introduced to TheraNow, I was very impressed with the capabilities to help patients prepare for joint replacement surgery to optimize their outcome and the opportunity to have post-procedure therapy at home through the telehealth platform. I am pleased that our orthopedic surgeons have embraced this technology and that UTHET Rehabilitation Services is also beginning to provide this option to their patients. I personally was able to take advantage of TheraNow after my hip replacement surgery. I had all of my physical therapy done in the comfort and privacy of my home by connecting with the therapist on my iPhone. He was able to instruct me on how to perform the exercises and monitor my progress several times a week. It was an added benefit to see videos of the exercises to refresh me on exactly how to do them when I was not online with the therapist. I was also much more motivated to stay on track with the schedule since I had to check in daily when I performed the exercises and note on the application how I was doing. I was 100% pleased with this experience and had a great outcome.”

Enthusiasm for the platform is also shared by the UT Health Rehabilitation Hospital administrator, Ms. Laurie Lenhof, who states, “UT Health Rehabilitation Hospital caregivers are excited to provide our first “tele-therapy” visit utilizing the Theranow platform. This innovative way to provide rehabilitation therapy to patients at home is a treatment option that we are thrilled to extend to our community. We can also reach beyond our usual service area as the distance becomes less of a barrier. Our rehabilitation leaders and therapists worked diligently to make this new project a reality and are eager to see it grow. We appreciate the collaborative relationship with Theranow that will help us improve our patients’ access to UT Health rehabilitation services.”

In an era where zoom calls substitute as telemedicine, TheraNow stands in sharp contrast with a comprehensive app based musculoskeletal treatment program that envelops the patient with concierge level care and cutting edge technology.TheraNow is a leading telehealth service enabling healthcare providers nationwide to promote safer and quicker patient recovery at home. After just four years, TheraNow has become one of the primary telehealth providers specializing in proprietary technology in physical therapy and rehabilitation, making treatment more accessible for patients without visiting a healthcare facility or physical therapy office. The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine awarded TheraNow the “Most Innovative Technology.”

“The new alliance with UT Health East Texas at Ardent Medical Services makes it easier for patients to receive treatment at home when they want,” said Dr. Ashok Gupta, DPT, COO, and co-founder of TheraNow. Dr. Gupta, who is often credited as an early pioneer of TeleRehab, directed the several years-long development program with intense feedback from therapists, orthopedic surgeons, hospital administrators, and patients. 

In addition to UT Health East Texas, TheraNow has partnerships with other healthcare and service providers, including Ardent Health Services, Onsite Physio/Worker’s Compensation, Indian Health Service, and K12 Education System. For more information about TheraNow telehealth PT services, visit www.theranow.com.

About TheraNow 

TheraNow was recently named the Best Overall Physical Therapy Online and is a pioneer in telehealth rehabilitation and online physical therapy services providing convenient and reliable online access to pain management and physical therapy. Founded in 2017, TheraNow is a leader in providing software solutions for large institutions and healthcare systems. TheraNow’s network of certified physical therapists and health experts offer personalized online sessions through TheraNow’s proprietary mobile app platform to create a care plan including pain management, home exercise plan, and functional training. TheraNow strives to provide a brighter future for those suffering from chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders with therapy in the comfort of their own home. Learn more at https://www.theranow.com.

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