US Rep Jake Auchincloss to Visit Mansfield Bio-Incubator

MANSFIELD, Mass., Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On February 23, 2022 U.S. Rep. Jake Auchincloss, D-Newton will be touring the Mansfield Bio-Incubator located at 241 Francis Ave. in Mansfield, MA. The tour will be followed by a press conference in which Rep. Auchincloss will answer questions on the role of suburban entrepreneurial centers in promoting the development of life science beyond Cambridge and Boston. Distribution of these centers across the state improves access to high-paying jobs and other economic activity associated with the burgeoning Life Science economy in the state. The Mansfield Bio-Incubator supports and improves life science curriculum, internships, and employment opportunities for the graduates in local educational institutions. Economic incubators provide critical revitalization of industrial zones, reduce congestion in the Boston/Cambridge area and provide viable alternatives to the impact of the noise and pollution associated with the laboratories in densely populated residential areas in and around Boston.

The Mansfield Bio-Incubator is a nonprofit organization designed to help startup companies in the biomedical research community develop products attracting investors while providing state advanced laboratories and other services. The Mansfield Bio-Incubator is finished expanding its laboratory facilities with the support from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center with new state-of-the art  laboratory space that is offered for rent to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

About Mansfield Bio-Incubator

Mansfield Bio-Incubator is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate and assist the creation, growth, and success of the next generation of biotech companies by maintaining affordable laboratory space. The facility is an open-concept equipped laboratory and office with benches in a shared lab as well as the private laboratory suites of different sizes.

Applications are now accepted to lease the new and existing spaces. For more information, contact Alex Margulis at (888) 490-4443, extension 4, email
or visit us at

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