Unicorn Hunters Presents to Investors Worldwide a Biopharmaceutical Company Fighting Food-Related Allergies

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — More than half a billion people live with food-related allergies around the world and millions suffer from peanut allergies, including 6 million in the United States alone. The fourth episode of Unicorn Hunters, the new addictive series spotlighting emerging growth companies looking to hit the coveted one billion dollars "unicorn" valuation mark, features Intrommune Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company aiming to transform allergy immunotherapy with its revolutionary treatment platform, a toothpaste designed to deliver proteins to the immune system allowing food allergy sufferers to develop a gradual immunity.

"People with food allergies are desperate for options in this growing epidemic," said Michael Nelson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Intrommune Therapeutics. "Intrommune’s elegant solution for treating food allergies that is delivered while a person brushes their teeth will transform the lives of food allergy sufferers so they and their loved ones can live their lives without fear."

Intrommune’s immunotherapy toothpaste, known as INT301 is in Phase 1 clinical development for patients with peanut-related allergies. INT301 toothpaste is innovative and one of a kind, with no similar alternatives on the market. Formulated to hopefully reduce the food allergy-related deaths to nearly zero, the proprietary toothpaste helps build resistance by the micro introduction of the peanut protein on a consistent basis. The big differentiator is in the delivery of the product when compared to other existing immunotherapies – most people are familiar with brushing their teeth and wouldn’t have to learn how to adopt an additional step in their daily routines.

"People all across the country have successfully used this immunotherapy delivery platform to treat their respiratory allergies for years, and it’s been proven that exposing peanut protein to the inside of the mouth gives a peanut allergic person the protection they need," said Dr. William Reisacher, Senior Scientific Advisor and Co-founder, Intrommune Therapeutics. "For a biopharmaceutical product that is being tested, that’s about as low risk as you can get."

With goals to move into its next phase of research by the end of this year, Intrommune Therapeutics is already developing a second toothpaste product designed to address other food allergies. With an estimated $7 billion per year market potential in the US, and an even greater potential across the globe, Intrommune Therapeutics is poised for growth, aided by its global, exclusive rights to 35 patents and interest of wall street analysts.

"Unicorn Hunters is on a mission to help people access pre-IPO opportunities that may deliver significant ROI," said Alex Konanykhin, executive producer, Circle of Money panelist. "If Intrommune Therapeutics is successful in what they’re trying to achieve, their valuation will greatly increase. Investing in a company that is doing such incredible work and with the potential to succeed is an easy decision to make for me."

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Circle of Money panelist, agrees: "I realize the hugeness of what you’re doing. I did not expect at all that I could come out so positive as I did listening to your stories. I am in and I’m gonna invest."

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