Turn Biotechnologies Shows Promise of Epigenetic Reprogramming to Rejuvenate Skin at SEASON Aesthetic Conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Turn Biotechnologies, a cell rejuvenation company developing novel mRNA medicines for untreatable, age-related conditions, shared data demonstrating the significant potential of using epigenetic reprogramming to rejuvenate skin before an international audience of regenerative aesthetics experts.

The data discussed at SEASON Aesthetic Conference showed that Turn Bio’s Epigenetic Reprogramming of Aging (ERA™) technology reprograms cells within the extracellular matrix (ECM), resulting in a broad panel of changes related to improved skin quality and structure. Research demonstrates that Turn Bio’s cellular data in-vitro has translated to the tissue level ex-vivo. The company is now working on multiple in-vivo models.

The SEASON Aesthetic Conference, held at George Washington University in Washington D.C. on April 28-30, is one of three international evidence-based meetings focused on educating dermatologists and plastic surgeons who specialize in regenerative aesthetics.

Turn Bio data were shared by Dr. Edward Hsia, vice president of Dermatology at Turn Bio, and Dr. Hema Sundaram, a SEASON conference director and founder and director of Sundaram Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center in Merrifield, Virginia.

“The body of work that Dr. Hsia and Dr. Sundaram presented at the conference helped the attendees understand that incorporating cellular reprogramming therapies into their regenerative medicine practice may become a reality at some point in the future,” said Dr. Amelia Hausauer, board certified fellowship-trained dermatologist and director of Dermatology and Minimally Invasive Aesthetics at Aesthetx, a dermatology practice in Campbell, California, who was part of the SEASON faculty.

“Dr. Hsia’s data were particularly fascinating because they show the potential of Turn Bio’s ERA technology to impact how we approach dermatologic and aesthetic conditions with large implications for overall skin health and maintenance,” she said. 

Dr. Hsia, who has worked in biotechnology for nearly 20 years, was gratified by the experience of presenting to SEASON attendees.

“It is always exciting to share data with an audience that understands its potential implications for both aesthetic physicians and their patients,” he said. “And it is gratifying when you see people react to research that offers significant promise.”

Vittorio Sebastiano, Turn Bio co-founder and head of research, is scheduled to participate in the SEASON Aesthetic Conference being held in London on June 9-11

SEASON 2023 is the fourth congress of the Global Aesthetics Alliance, a non-commercial scientific exchange whose mission is advancing procedural safety and outcomes in aesthetic medicine, identifying unmet needs in research and development, and fostering responsible media reporting in aesthetics.


Turn Bio is a pre-clinical-stage company focused on repairing tissue at the cellular level and developing transformative drug delivery systems. The company’s proprietary mRNA platform technology, ERA™ (Epigenetic Reprogramming of Aging) restores optimal gene expression by combatting the effects of aging in the epigenome. This restores cells’ ability to prevent or treat disease and heal or regenerate tissue. It will help to fight incurable chronic diseases. Its eTurna™ Delivery Platform uses unique formulations to precisely deliver cargo to specific organs, tissues, and cell types.

The company is completing pre-clinical research on tailored therapies targeting indications in dermatology and immunology, and developing therapies for ophthalmology, osteo-arthritis, and the muscular system. For more information, see www.turn.bio.


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