Trip Goolsby, MD Joins TrainMD, LLC Faculty

NEW ORLEANS, La., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trip Goolsby, MD, the Cofounder/CEO of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center is pleased to announce that he has joined the faculty of TrainMD, LLC.  According to TrainMD’s website, the company offers “didactic and hands-on clinical training for medical professionals looking to navigate the world of human cellular tissue offerings.”

While also being Board Certified in Medical Oncology, Dr. Goolsby is a leading expert in health optimization, age-reversal and regenerative medicine. He received his Elite Health Certification from AMMG and prolotherapy training from AAOM.  For over a decade he has been helping his patient-partners achieve success in health.

Additionally, Dr. Goolsby, with his wife, LeNae Goolsby, are public speakers and best-selling authors, having authored, Think and Live Longer, Empowered Medicine, and with Byran Tracy, Dr. Goolsby co-authored Success in the New Economy.

“It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to impart my expertise in regenerative biologic modalities and age-reversal medicine with other like-minded physicians,” said Dr. Goolsby.  “I believe it is imperative that this information and proper training be disseminated in order for patients to be better served, in a more natural way.  It is, after all no medical secret, that the body has an amazing natural ability to heal itself.”

The focus of Dr. Goolsby’s specific training involves both case studies and practical modalities with respect to “Integrative Approaches to Health Optimization and Systemic Diseases.”  Other training topics provided by the faculty members include, aesthetic application, sexual enhancements, and joint injections, etc.

TrainMD recently wrapped its first training session of 2023 on February 3rd and 4th in The Woodlands, Texas.  The next scheduled sessions are slated for May 13th, August 19th, and in November with the date to be determined.

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