Trialize Announces Launch of TDOM: Bridging Interoperability in Clinical Trials

ZUG, Switzerland, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Trialize ( is proud to unveil the Trial Data Object Model (TDOM), an innovative open-source framework designed to enhance interoperability among various e-clinical systems. Tailored for clinical trials, TDOM aims to standardize data exchange, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and the speed of data sharing.

The fragmented nature of clinical data management systems has traditionally led to inefficient data exchanges and elevated costs. With the increasing complexity of global clinical trials, a standardized data exchange framework is crucial. TDOM meets this need by facilitating seamless integration and real-time data sharing, enabling quicker, more informed decision-making in clinical research.

TDOM’s primary goal is to establish a universally accepted framework for data interoperability in clinical trials.

Objectives include:

  • Developing a standardized data model specific to clinical trials.
  • Building connectors for integration with existing data management systems.
  • Enhancing clinical trial efficiency through superior data management.
  • Promoting global adoption and ongoing innovation within the open-source community.

TDOM will directly benefit clinical researchers, data managers, and IT professionals by simplifying data management and ensuring integrity across systems. Pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies will indirectly benefit from faster development of medical treatments due to more efficient research processes.

Given the global nature of clinical trials, TDOM is designed to be relevant and adaptable worldwide, ensuring consistency in clinical data management across different regulatory environments. This approach aims to set a new standard in clinical data management, enhancing efficiency in multinational research collaborations.

Stakeholders and Collaboration:
Key stakeholders include clinical researchers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory bodies. Successful implementation of TDOM relies on collaborative efforts among these groups to ensure the framework meets global clinical research needs.

Invitation to Collaborate:
Trialize invites stakeholders across clinical research and data management to participate in this groundbreaking initiative. Collaboration in the development and implementation of TDOM offers a chance to shape the future of clinical trials, keeping the industry at the forefront of technological and healthcare innovation.

For more information on TDOM or to join the collaboration, please contact TDOM Working Group at

About Trialize:
Trialize ( is a leader in clinical trial software solutions, dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research. Our technologies are designed to streamline clinical trial processes, ensuring faster and more reliable outcomes.

The launch of TDOM marks a significant advancement in clinical research technology, enhancing data interoperability and accelerating the pace of medical research globally.

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