ThinkCyte Reveals VisionSort™, The World’s First Dual Mode, AI-Driven Cell Characterization and Sorting Platform

TOKYO, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ThinkCyte, a biotechnology company pioneering novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based cell analysis, characterization, and isolation technologies, announced today that it will begin the commercial launch of its new cell sorting platform, VisionSort™. The launch coincides with the 2023 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference in San Diego, CA from February 25-March 1, 2023 where VisionSort and its integrated Ghost Cytometry® technology were selected as finalists for Best New Product and Innovation Awards, respectively.

The new ThinkCyte VisionSort is powered by Ghost Cytometry, an innovative AI-driven technology for characterizing and sorting cells based on their physical properties (morphology) and recognized by publication in the prestigious journal Science. It is the first cell sorter to combine analytical features found in conventional fluorescence flow sorters with the ability to perform label-free cell sorting and unbiased morphological analysis of cell populations. The combined capabilities can enable researchers to not only view cells based on a combination of known markers and morphological phenotypes, but also sort out unique populations for downstream processing or molecular analysis.

“VisionSort is bringing an entirely new dimension to traditional cellular analysis and sorting,” said Janette Phi, Chief Business Officer at ThinkCyte. “By combining the ability to look at cellular morphology in 3-dimensions with traditional fluorescence measures and adding the power of AI to discover hidden patterns in data, VisionSort lets investigators view the relationship between cellular phenotypes and disease in completely new ways.”

Access to the technology embedded in VisionSort was first announced last year through ThinkCyte’s Early Access Program. The EAP engaged participation from key biopharmaceutical industry partners and leading academic centers across a variety of application areas in cell therapy R&D, disease profiling, and drug discovery. One of these EAP partners will present new data on a novel approach at classification of leukemia patients using Ghost Cytometry at SLAS.  

More information about the ThinkCyte VisionSort cell sorter is available at the SLAS 2023 conference, through technical representatives at
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