TheWell Bioscience Announces Launch of VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution for Fast and Safe Harvesting of Organoids/Cells with High Yields

TheWell Bioscience has launched a newly engineered version of its cell recovery solution for researchers to speed the organoid/cell harvesting from both animal-based extracellular matrix (ECM) and synthetic hydrogels.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TheWell Bioscience, a pioneer of 3D cell culture platforms for precision medicine, cell therapy, and biomanufacturing, releases a newly engineered cell harvesting solution to recover organoids and cells faster with higher efficiency. The VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution is the first of its kind, a solution that can recover organoids from both animal-based extracellular matrix (ECM) and synthetic VitroGel hydrogels. The solution can dissociate animal-based ECM in 2 minutes, and with whole cell harvesting process is completed in 15 minutes compared to over 60 minutes against the leading recovery solution in the market. VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution is designed to harvest high-quality intact organoids fast with high yields for passaging, cryopreservation, or subsequent biochemical analysis.

The global organoid market is expected to be over $12.8 billion by 2030, driven by the increasing use of organoids by researchers from academia and hospitals to pharma for disease studies, drug discoveries, and tissue regeneration applications. Organoids are tiny, self-organized, three-dimensional tissues that resemble an organ and are 3D cultured in an animal-based ECM or synthetic VitroGel hydrogel system. Recovery after the complex and timely process of culturing organoids from the hydrogel/ECM matrix is critical to ensure accurate and viable 3D tissue models for downstream analysis and applications.

The fast 2-minute complete dissociation of animal-based ECM results in higher yields, quality, and cell viability for organoid expansion. The entire operating process is performed at room temperature without heat/cooling equipment, allowing for complete lab automation for high-throughput organoid production. Additionally, the solution has three times the shelf life compared to others in the market and requires no cold pack shipping for global transport.

“We are excited to expand our cutting-edge 3D cell culture platform by offering this state-of-the-art organoid/cell recovery solution to researchers,” said John Huang, CEO of TheWell Bioscience. “Our goal is to unlock the clinical lab automation potentials of 3D tissue models for precision medicine, cell therapy, and biomanufacturing. With this fast and safe organoid harvesting system, we are one step closer to providing a complete workflow of 3D tissue production for the global life science industry.”

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