There Is a New Patented Technology Coming Soon That Could Very Likely Change the Entire Global Cannabis Marketplace: The Vapor Cartridge Technology (VCT)

STILLWATER, Minn., March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Here are the indisputable facts about the cannabis marketplace. There is an enormous and rapidly growing industry that services consumers’ demand for cannabis extracts.

Consumers predominantly inhale vaporized cannabis extracts, typically by heating dried flower to produce a rich vapor or using vape pens to vaporize oil-filled cartridges. VCT provides an advanced alternative for inhaling these extracts, with detailed information at

  • A Game-Changer: “Once successfully commercialized, VCT vapor cartridges will replace flower (both legal and illegal) as well as oil filled cartridges as the source for ingesting cannabis extracts in vapor form.”

  • Medical Breakthrough: “The VCT’s precise dosing of cannabis extract vapors anticipates FDA approval for clinical research, potentially spawning numerous patented medications for conditions like PTSD, chronic pain, MS, ALS, seizures, various cancers, Alzheimer’s, and nausea.”

  • Recreational Use Advantages: “VCT vapor cartridges will enjoy a distinct advantage in the adult recreational market. VCT vapor cartridges will offer a more cost-effective and trusted way for consumers to achieve the physiological effect that they desire.”

  • Regulatory Compliance: “Adult recreational consumers will highly value VCT vapor cartridges’ product labeling that accurately defines the amount and the formulation (THC, CBD, CBN, terpenes) for each dose the consumer will ingest. The demand for VCT vapor cartridges will grow rapidly. As such, demand will be high for legal wholesale botanical cannabis to be processed into VCT vapor cartridges. Legal cannabis cultivators will greatly benefit from this high demand for their crop.”

  • Economic Impact: “As legal use of cannabis via VCT vapor cartridges rapidly grows at the expense of the extremely large illegal flower market, States will enjoy huge tax revenues. This will be most evident on the west coast. The potential for enormous federal tax revenue will help drive consensus at the federal level. The strong political desire to use this revenue to fund Social Security and Medicare /Medicaid and to help balance the federal budget will lead to strong bipartisan support to legalize cannabis.”

So, the question is: Which company or consortium can harness the power of the Vapor Cartridge Technology and enjoy a long-term leadership role in the cannabis industry?

There are technical, business, and political challenges to successfully launch a new-to-the-world product line. Start with the technical challenges. The first step in a product commercialization undertaking is to build a Lab prototype. Details on how to accomplish this can be found in the afore mentioned website.

Soon this press release will be shared with potential licensees: Pharmaceutical Companies (e.g. Pfizer), Tabaco companies (e.g. Phillip Morris), Liquor companies (e.g. Budweiser), large cannabis cultivators (e.g. Curaleaf holdings) and producers of cannabis extraction equipment (e.g. Agrify).

This press release is also intended to reach savvy entrepreneurs on the west coast. The west coast has ample quality cultivators, a huge consumer base and friendly governments. Unfortunately, it also has a huge illegal cannabis component. Vapor Cartridge Technology, once successfully commercialized, will change all of that. Please see the “Proposal to the CDTFA” tab on the website. (

The first company to build a lab prototype and demonstrate the process understanding that will be needed to harness the power of Vapor Cartridge Technology will be offered an exclusive license of the technology for the market(s) they serve. 

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