The Supplement Brand Using Wild Herbs for Optimal Effect

VemoHerb Harvests Wild-Grown Herbs in the Balkan Mountains to Maximize Their Active Ingredient Concentration

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VemoHerb is a popular Eastern European health and wellness brand that creates botanically-based supplements with exceptional potency. The brand is known for its slogan, “Premium quality for all.” While a good deal of VemoHerb’s success comes from its unique in-house, closed-loop approach to manufacturing, its roots lie in the soil itself — and not in a garden or greenhouse, either. VemoHerb’s ingredients aren’t grown in controlled settings. They’re harvested in the wild.

“We are based in the Balkans — in Bulgaria, to be specific,” explains co-owner Vasil Zlatev. “The unique climate of our region is exceptional for growing herbs. In fact, our company was initially created out of a desire to develop and produce standardized herbal extracts specifically using rare Bulgarian plants as our ingredients.”

Zlatev goes on to expound on Bulgaria’s herb-friendly geography, adding that the virgin, clean Eastern European country has a climate and mountainous geography that has led to a generous selection of herbal plants that grow throughout the area. And generous isn’t an overstatement. Bulgaria is home to 4,100 higher plants and herbs, making it the third most herbally diverse nation in the world. Over 700 of these species having remedial value (i.e., they can heal the body in one way or another).

“These are our healing gold mines!” Zlatev declares, “Not everyone has such a magnificent display of herbal health in their backyard. That’s why we’ve invested in an in-house method to harvest, extract, and manufacture these unique wild herbs to create a range of products with potent biologically active ingredients. VemoHerb is the world’s health and wellness cupboard. We are the access point for everyone to access a clean, consistent, transparent, and affordable source of one of Bulgaria’s most important natural resources, our wild herbs.”

About VemoHerb

VemoHerb is a health and wellness enterprise with over two decades of experience in the supplement industry. Founded in 1999, the family-owned label was established to develop and market innovative herbal extracts and food enzymes. The brand prides itself on its closed-loop production process, which starts with harvesting wild-grown herbs from the Balkan mountain region, includes cutting-edge active ingredient extraction via the company’s in-house lab, and ends with elite supplements with transparent and informed labels. Learn more at

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