The Sketch Effect Animation Team Says that Healthcare Communication Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

ATLANTA, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Sketch Effect, a visual communications agency based in Atlanta, GA, is doubling down on its mission to make corporate messaging more understandable and actionable and is focusing specifically on the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical space.

Insurance. Deductibles. Complicated Diagnoses. New Patient Portals.

Healthcare communication can be incredibly complicated and challenging, whether you’re a patient, a doctor, a staff member, or a concerned parent of a child.

Typically, this communication comes in the form of ancient, photocopied handouts, lengthy emails buried in some patient portal, or a boring PowerPoint series.

Well, one animation company is here to reverse that.

"Since we opened in 2013, our mission has been to help our clients make their critical communications more engaging and effective," says Sketch Effect Founder & CEO, William Warren. "Now, in 2022, we’re really leaning into the Healthcare world, specifically."

In the last year alone, the Sketch Effect has partnered with organizations like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inova Health, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and KVC Health to increase the effectiveness of their communications through video animation.

Video topics have ranged from how to qualify for insurance, tough medical diagnoses, and even how to foster more inclusive team environments and grow healthy staff cultures.

"No matter the subject matter, video animation will help make the message clearer for an audience and will entertain them while doing so," says Warren.

One of the team’s most rewarding recent projects was a series of "Whiteboard Videos" for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which were designed to help communicate to parents of children born with congenital heart defects. For example, one video in the series focused on "Transposition Arteries", explaining what they are, how they’re different from normal arteries in the heart, and what parents need to know and do.

Whiteboard videos, in particular, are a proven medium for explaining complex topics. These videos are known for their signature human hand which is typically recorded on screen drawing out visuals and text on a white surface. When sped up and synced with a voice-over, the final video becomes a compelling and captivating way to express ideas and offer calls-to-action.

The Sketch Effect also offers Motion Graphics videos and traditional 2-D Animated videos. In their effort to lean into the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical space, The Sketch Effect has set up a dedicated website, created new processes expressly for this type of clientele, and produced a variety of healthcare-specific content.

"Health is such a critical part of our lives, and the communication around it is too important to get wrong," Warren says. "The Sketch Effect is ready and able to be a trusted partner to these organizations and help them get across what matters most."

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