The Leaders Institute Provides Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Large Group Team Building Activity

Post-Pandemic, a Large Group Team Activity Can Build Morale and Teamwork for Teams Coming Back to the Office.

ARLINGTON, Texas, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — While most small and medium-sized businesses returned to the office fulltime last year, some of the biggest companies are just now requiring their team members to report to work in person. Some of these companies are meeting with resistance from remote workers who have gotten used to working from home. To make this transition more appealing, corporate leaders have begun to schedule large team activities to rebuild morale and teamwork.

However, after three years, some of these leaders are a little out of practice organizing huge activities. And to make matters worse, many of the team participants are also out of practice socializing in a corporate setting.

“Many returning employees will be uncomfortable interacting in a big group after spending the last couple of years working from home,” says Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute, an industry leader in providing fun team activities for groups. “So, it is important invite your team back with an activity that is fun, comfortable, and low risk.”

According to Staneart, a charity team building activity may be a great option for the reuniting team. This type of activity is a combination of a fun team game and a service project. For instance, teams might have to solve puzzles to win pieces of a bicycle. The better the team works together, the more pieces they acquire. Once they have all the bike parts, they build the bicycle together and donate it to a children’s charity.

Brandon Woodside of explains, “Even if one of the team members never turns a wrench during the process, they still feel like they were instrumental in building the bike.” Without that team member’s contribution, the bike would have no handlebars.

Staneart says that the key to organizing one of these large group team activities it builds the emotion to a crescendo. “We typically start with an icebreaker that lets the team members get to know each other better. Then, we break them into smaller teams to earn pieces of the donated item. The building part only lasts a couple of minutes. Then, at the end, young kids come rushing into the room to receive their new toy! It creates a real emotional ending.”

“As team members leave a charity team activity like this, they feel connected to their community and feel like they work for a company that cares about them,” said Woodside. “That’s really what a lot of these returning remote workers want to know.”

Companies participating in these activities can donate bicycles, backpacks full of school supplies, care packages for soldiers, stuffed animals for sick children, or food for families struggling from inflation. “You’re only limited by your creativity,” says Staneart.

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