The International Society for CNS Drug Development (ISCDD) 22nd Annual Meeting Leading Not-For-Profit Centering Around Collaboration Honors Key Leader

LAS VEGAS, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The International Society for CNS Drug Development (ISCDD), a non-profit, independent society focused on improving central nervous system drug development, announced today at its 22nd Annual Meeting that Harry Tracy, President, NI Research is the recipient of the ISCDD 2024 Leadership Award.

The ISCDD 2024 Award was presented by Dr. Amir Kalali, Executive Secretary of the ISCDD Executive Committee.

Dr. Kalali commented: “Harry has had a long history of providing critical analysis of CNS drug development, which has provided clear and data driven commentary on successes and failures. His unflinching approach to truth telling has always been illuminating.”

Dr. Bill Martin, Chairman of the ISCDD Executive Committee, commented: “For more than two decades, Dr. Tracy has been dedicated to independent analyses of the neurotherapeutics landscape. This award is not just recognition of his contributions, but a testament to Dr. Tracy’s insights that continue to inform the field.”

Dr. Tracy was selected for the award based on his decades of keen insight into and analysis of the past, present and future of CNS drug development.

Dr. Tracy stated, “I have participated in the ISCDD for thirteen years, and have found it to be a uniquely and consistently productive group, laser-focused on collegial, pragmatic, problem-solving in CNS drug development. I was genuinely surprised, and deeply honored, to be selected.”

Founded in 2002, the International Society for CNS Drug Development (ISCDD) is a non-profit, independent leadership forum focused on improving CNS drug development, through collaboration amongst stakeholders including academia, industry and government.

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