Telehealth Meets Predictive Data Science: Timed Health Introduces a Powerful Patented Platform to Forecast Healthcare and Medications Multiplying Physician and Patient Efficiency and Erasing Costly Delays to Improve Health and Economic Outcomes

SPARKS, Nev., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bringing together telehealth with telemedications and advanced predictive data science to forecast, accelerate and implement new healthcare and medications to decelerate changes in health, Timed Health, (, is introducing an innovative fully patented mass-market technology and new medications platform solution to improve the efficiency and sufficiency of modern healthcare.

Physician-determined forecasted therapies can more efficiently be safely started immediately by patients at the time of actual need for changes in health more often before costlier complications can arise. This most opportune moment occurs “when it matters most, earlier, as early as possible” during a change in health.

The company’s patient and physician efficiency manpower multiplying platform can help to erase up to 30% of current costly delays, improve access, payer and patient outcomes, and physicians’ incomes.

Timed Health is a healthcare benefits, payer, patient, and physician assistive technology provider.

“Timed Health is solving the problem of people not having a rapid diagnosis of disease progression, and not having rapidly modified treatment to correspond to predictable progression pathways…by more convenient access to new widely used medicines and healthcare,” said Timed Health Board Director and former KPMG Healthcare Strategist John C. Matthews.

The company aims to improve patient, provider and payer options in a patented platform system offered as a mass-market direct-to-consumer and tiered premium employer-offered benefits program free-standing or alongside insurance. Timed Health is offered to and connected with healthcare providers, patients, employers, associations, governments, and payers as a managed service.

Timed Health CEO James Applebach stated, “The problem of costly delays in receiving healthcare is systemic and common. Our team has developed an assistive technology platform for physicians to safely and increasingly treat low-risk changes in health for patients immediately wherever and whenever needed. Such patients would otherwise delay care often or would be visiting an expensive crowded ER, and then a pharmacy, at often inconvenient and stressful times.”

“Timed Health is the future of healthcare starting now,” added Timed Health Executive Co-Chairman Jerry O’Connor MD. “All medication and healthcare decisions are made only by licensed physicians for their established patients. We simply provide them the intelligence tools and systems to help them do that efficiently and proactively, to improve health and economic outcomes.”

Top benefits of Timed Health include:

  • Reducing costs and wait times: The long-term goal is overcoming healthcare delays for up to 30% of low-risk acute changes in health.
  • Improved outcomes, physician income potential: An implemented healthcare manpower multiplier augmentation system.
  • Greater Autonomy through Better Bonding: for patients, providers, and payers.
  • A Comprehensive Solution: for delivering new medications and healthcare to more patients to avoid costly delays safely more often. To address and forecast expectable changes in health beginning with low-risk changes in health including infections, diabetes, and hypertension.

Timed Health’s initial survey has shown promising interest in the healthcare industry for their solution with 92% of 80 randomized physicians and 40 nurse practitioners indicating they will use the Timed Health platform for their patients.

Timed Health has launched a Reg. CF equity campaign, Offering Page, to spread awareness about its company’s healthcare platform.


Timed Health is an Emerging Growth Company having a highly patented technology data science-driven technology platform for integrating telehealthcare, telemedications, telepharmacy, and manpower multiplier augmentation systems. For more information, please check out the company’s website, (

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