Tangibly Launches Trade Secret Consulting Services

SEATTLE, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tangibly, Inc., the leading SaaS trade secret management platform, today announced the launch of its consulting services offering. Designed to complement its trade secret software, the services are in response from customer feedback and requests for more personalized bespoke engagements with Tangibly specialists.

Trade secrets continue to gain attention and value, particularly with growing uncertainty around the enforceability of non-compete agreements. Recent rules announced by the US Federal Trade Commission raise serious questions about the utility of these agreements. Historically, many companies relied on non-compete agreements as an indirect method of protecting valuable company confidential information and trade secrets. Without such agreements, companies will have to directly protect their confidential information and trade secrets. This sea change represents a major shift in the strategy by which companies protect their valuable intellectual property assets.

“We are excited to add personalized consulting services alongside our suite of AI tools for managing trade secrets,” commented Tim Londergan, CEO of Tangibly. “We continue to see a shift in priorities away from patents and towards trade secrets for a variety of reasons including increased difficulty in securing meaningful patent protection, higher costs for both obtaining and enforcing patents, growing employee mobility, and the rapid development of technologies outpacing the patent office timeline. AI presents amazing new capabilities for companies, but also poses risks to maintaining confidentiality. Customers often ask for additional help in securing their trade secrets, and we are proud to be able to assist.”

Consulting offerings

Tangibly is flexible and will custom tailor consulting services to meet their clients’ needs, all with the goal of building a culture of valuing trade secrets and improving protection of these valuable assets. These services can include:

Establish AI Guidelines & Hygiene: LLM and AI/ML tools can be powerful enablers, but also can carry great risk to keeping your valuable information confidential.  Tangibly can audit and suggest policies and procedures that allow your team to effectively use these tools while minimizing risks.

Gain competitive intelligence: Insightful reports can be prepared, comparing a company’s trade secrets against predicted trade secrets from competitors or across an entire industry. Actionable insights and suggested next steps will be provided to maintain your competitive advantage.

Perform trade secret “health check” audits: Tangibly can work in collaboration with in-house counsel or outside law firms to compare a client’s trade secret policies and procedures against industry best practices. Reports will identify actionable steps to improve protection of trade secrets.

Strengthen HR procedures: HR plays a critical role in reducing risks around trade secrets during both employee onboarding and offboarding workflows. Tangibly can audit and suggest improvements to HR forms and procedures.

Educate and train: Personalized, industry-specific training can be provided live or via videoconference to increase employee understanding of trade secrets and how to handle them appropriately.

Visit www.tangibly.com/consulting to learn more.

About Tangibly

Tangibly’s SaaS platform enables companies to implement best-in-class management of their trade secrets. Trade secrets can be almost anything, from algorithms to chemical processes to client lists and are among the most valuable assets for many companies. Tangibly helps streamline and simplify legal requirements and implement best practices to establish company assets as legally protectable trade secrets. These best practices include cataloging assets, acknowledgment workflow, access management, tracking required legal agreements (NDAs, employment agreements, partnership agreements, etc.), as well as employee/partner education and training.

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