SurvivorNet Announces New Bladder Cancer Resource Section

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SurvivorNet, the leading digital health platform, today launched a major expansion of its cancer resource information with the addition of an extensive new section on bladder cancer. 

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer overall in the United States, and the fourth most common for men. In 2021, it is estimated that there will be 83,730 new cases of bladder cancer, representing 4.4% of all new cancer cases in the U.S.

SurvivorNet’s new vertical features 40 different pieces of resource content and more than 30 videos providing valuable information and guidance for each step of a bladder cancer patient’s journey, from diagnosis to treatment to life after cancer.

"A cancer diagnosis often leaves patients and their families feeling helpless and overwhelmed. With all of our products we aim to translate this complex world and boil it down into actionable information," said SurvivorNet CEO Steve Alperin. "The addition of our bladder cancer resources underscores our commitment to patient-focused journalism and expertly-vetted information."

The new resources for bladder cancer represent the latest growth in SurvivorNet’s industry leading resources for patients and their caregivers facing the most prevalent cancers. The majority of people diagnosed with cancer struggle to understand their options. SurvivorNet is addressing this information gap by making experts available to the millions of people who desperately need better information.

SurvivorNet’s bladder cancer content is based on in-depth interviews with soe of the the nation’s top bladder cancer specialists including Dr. Arjun Balar, NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center; Dr. Jay Shah, Stanford Health Care; Dr. Dan Theodorescu, Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai; Dr. Debasish Sundi, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center; Dr. Mark Tyson, Mayo Clinic and Dr. Brian Rini, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.

"After speaking with these experts, our reporting team was able to detail everything a patient needs to know regarding the latest advancements in the treatment of bladder cancer," SurvivorNet Executive Editor Alison Maxwell said. "With this new resource we’re offering patients knowledge and hope, two powerful tools needed to fight cancer."

The resources include extensive information about the new treatment options for bladder cancer patients including immunotherapies, targeted therapies, and a new category of medicines called antibody drug conjugates.  

About SurvivorNet:
SurvivorNet is the country’s leading media company for cancer information. The company has democratized access to the world’s leading cancer experts, helping millions of Americans make better decisions about their care. SurvivorNet’s resources are built in collaboration with the country’s leading cancer centers. The company’s daily news operation is syndicated widely and serves as an important source of information for millions of Americans every month. SurvivorNet was founded by Steve Alperin.

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