Surfacide® UV-C Technology Featured in New Press Ganey / Compass One Healthcare Study For Improving Disinfection Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction Scores

WAUKESHA, Wis., Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new whitepaper "Emerging Best Practices In Response To Evolving Patient Perceptions Of Clean: A Dramatic Shift In Patient Perceptions Of Hospital Cleanliness," released by leading healthcare experience data analyst Press Ganey, in conjunction with environmental service industry leader Compass One Healthcare, features Surfacide UV-C light technology as an important, innovative, evidence-based solution that addresses patient anxiety around cleanliness and improves patient experience outcomes.

Surfacide’s patented UV-C light technology was used in a proof of concept study at four different hospitals to help create "memorable cleaning events" for patients and provide more opportunities for EVS staff-patient interaction. The goal was to positively impact both the reality AND the perception of cleanliness in hospital environments and the results of the study were dramatic across all four hospitals. The quarterly patient satisfaction scores around cleanliness increased anywhere from 5.5 to 17.5 points and the whitepaper’s findings underscore the important correlation between whether the patient perceives their environment as clean and how they rate the patient experience.

"In today’s landscape, patient perception of cleanliness is more scrutinized than ever before and in order for hospitals to keep their patient satisfaction scores high, they need to utilize advanced technologies in addition to standard cleaning protocols," said Surfacide Founder and CEO Gunner Lyslo. "We’re proud to be profiled in this whitepaper from such prestigious industry leaders."

Now more than ever in order for hospitals to remain best in class, they need to not only provide first-class medical care, but also environments that maintain a high standard of clinical cleanliness as well as perceived cleanliness. As the whitepaper outlines, hospitals need to "Leverage the 5 Pillars of Clean", a multi-factorial approach that has been proven to be successful to facilities across the country. 

To read the white paper in its entirety and to learn more about the strategies recommended that hospitals implement to provide an overall memorable experience, CLICK HERE.

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About Surfacide:
Founded in 2010, Surfacide is a UV technology company producing scientifically proven, hospital grade UV devices that make environments that we live, work and play in safer. Surfacide’s award-winning Helios® System is the world’s only patented, triple emitter ‘robotic’ UV light solution to rapidly eliminate and prevent the spread of deadly pathogens on surfaces and in air. A trusted partner in infection prevention, Surfacide has been deployed in over 500 leading hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, fire stations, prisons, police stations, commercial office spaces, hotels and public venues worldwide. Surfacide LLC and Surfacide Manufacturing Inc. are made and manufactured in Waukesha, WI. Visit the Surfacide website to learn more about Eos or contact one of our professional support specialists at (844)-390-3538.

Alexandra Skillman

SOURCE Surfacide