Surfacide® Announces the Launch of GLŌ™ PX Program

An Innovative Subscription Program to Help Hospitals Improve Their HCAHPS Scores and Patient Loyalty.

WAUKESHA, Wis., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Surfacide, the unmatched leader in UV-C light technology, is proud to announce the launch of their GLŌ PX Program. After listening to the needs of customers, Surfacide embarked on creating an innovative patient experience program stemming from their leadership in enhanced cleaning technology. Knowing there is a strong correlation between patient satisfaction and (perceived) cleanliness, the GLŌ PX Program focuses on the intersection between the two, aiding in the improvement of a hospital’s HCAHPS scores. This in turn can help the hospital’s bottom line, because as the Harvard Business Review reported, "A 5-point increase in overall hospital rating (based on HCAHPs), leads to, on average, a 1% to 2% increase in profit margin."

GLŌ PX is led by a team of Surfacide experts that design tailored programs for each organization they partner with. The monthly subscription allows hospitals the ability to use Surfacide’s award-winning Helios® ‘robotic’ UV-C light solution to reduce bioburden, without having to wait on the capital budget process. Additionally, the facility receives custom scripting, training, and data analytics reports.

"As we know, a hospital’s brand and reputation play a significant role in acquiring new patients and inspiring loyalty, which leads to improved financial outcomes," said Gunner Lyso, Founder and CEO of Surfacide. "With the GLŌ PX Program not only do patients have a front-row seat to Sufacide’s UV-C technology, but they also receive a personalized conversation from the hospital’s certified GLŌ Patient Ambassador, transcending the typical bedside experience into a memorable one, bolstering the patient’s trust in the hospital."

Increasing a healthcare facility’s overall performance is directly linked to employee motivation and engagement. Surfacide recognizes that implementing a program like GLŌ PX allows employees to work and participate in a modern, inventive healthcare environment, resulting in job satisfaction and employee retention.           

"Since adopting the Surfacide UV-C technology and the GLŌ PX program on campus, our patient satisfaction scores continue to significantly improve," said Joseph Alcure, EVS Manager at Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the GLŌ PX monthly subscription program.

About Surfacide

Founded in 2010, Surfacide is a UV technology and infection solutions company producing scientifically proven, hospital-grade UV devices.  Surfacide’s award-winning Helios® System is the world’s only patented, triple emitter ‘robotic’ UV light solution to rapidly reduce bioburden and pathogens. A trusted partner in infection prevention, Surfacide has been deployed in over 500 leading hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, fire stations, prisons, police stations, commercial office spaces, hotels, and public venues worldwide. Surfacide LLC is proud to be American-made and manufactured in Waukesha, WI. Visit the Surfacide website to learn more or contact one of our professional support specialists at (844)-390-3538.

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