Support for the Children of Ukraine – Victims of Blast Injury, to Come From US Based Innovative Healthtech Application

The Triaj healthtech app provides life-saving "Just in Time" treatment pathways thereby reducing the pediatric knowledge gap for physicians, nurses and first-responders. Triaj is providing the health care professionals of Ukraine quick access to anywhere, anytime vital medical knowledge to treat blast, burn and crush trauma injuries to child victims.

WASHINGTON, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As Russian forces continue assaults in Ukraine, the number of victims continues to grow, many of which are children. According to the Office of the Prosecutor General (GPU), as of the morning of 11 May 2022, the official number of child victims in Ukraine was 226 – the number of wounded has increased to 417. These figures are not final, as work is underway to establish the exact numbers of victims in places of active hostilities, and in the temporarily occupied and liberated territories.

Local hospitals continue to treat the increase in wounded children. However, most civilian doctors, nurses, and first-responders have little experience in the treatment of blast injuries. Diagnosis and treatment of injury from explosions; missiles, land mines or artillery shells, are complicated and are a challenge with a high mortality rate for the untrained. 

As of this week, the healthtech company, Triaj (, began a collaboration with the European Pediatric Surgery Association ( and the Ukrainian Association of Pediatric Surgery to improve access to treatment protocols that will improve the survival of children injured in the Russian/Ukraine conflict. Triaj provides evidence-based treatment guidelines, resources, procedures, and checklists to assist doctors, nurses and emergency personnel who desperately need access to timely information to treat children with a blast injury at the point of care. For Android users, the protocols have been loaded and translated into Ukrainian, on the Triaj website at

The founder of Triaj, Martin R. Eichelberger, MD, a Pediatric Surgeon and a former Navy Surgeon, is an expert in blast explosion injuries and burns.

"The children of Ukraine are experiencing devastating explosion and burn injuries from the war – Triaj provides immediate access to treatment guidelines which can save countless lives of children" according to Dr. Martin Eichelberger.

In an effort to educate healthcare professionals on the battlefield in Ukraine, Triaj will be conducting Blast Explosion Injury webinars for providers in the war zone, as well as teaching them how to use the treatment protocols. You can find more information on webinar times at

The Triaj app is now available, free to the doctors, nurses and first responders in Ukraine on the App Store and the company has translated the content into Ukrainian on their website,

About Triaj

Triaj is an advanced clinical decision support system that is available via the Triaj App, for FREE on the Apple App Store for iOS users. Triaj provides evidence-based treatment guidelines, resources, procedures, and checklists to quickly diagnose and care for children anywhere worldwide.

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