Study Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Rare Medical Network Content Marketing Programs in Rare Disease Education

The content and engagement features on the Rare Medical Network resulted in greater rare disease knowledge, key message retention, and interest in learning

SAN DIEGO and THE WOODLANDS, Texas, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Rare Medical Network (RMN) announced the results of a study designed to measure the educational value of the RMN specialty-specific websites to healthcare professionals. The study, which measured the impact of engagement with RMN content on 4 of the 16 RMN specialty sites (gastroenterology, immunology, hematology, pulmonology), found that those HCPs who visited the sites had significantly higher understanding and knowledge about a relatively unknown rare disease, APDS, than HCPs in a control group.

The study found that HCPs who engaged with the interactive features on the site rated their knowledge level of the disease higher than the control group, had greater interest in learning more about the condition, and were able to identify relevant groups of symptoms that patients with APDS may exhibit, thus meeting the educational objectives of the program.

The program created more than 9.67 million impressions and reached almost 40,000 HCPs, targeted via NPI number on social media. Key program metrics included creation of a database of 7,121 high value physician leads, 1,694 KOL video plays, 934 respondents to the APDS Rare IQ quiz, 76 genetic tests ordered, and identified of 3 confirmed cases of APDS – a condition that is believed to have fewer than 1,000 patients in the United States.

Accelerating message retention with interactive tools

The study provides confirmation of the value of the interactive tools on RMN sites to accelerate understanding and interest that HCPs have about rare diseases. Each RMN site contains relevant current news, articles, videos, and interactive educational exercises each focused on rare disease information specific to the specialty. Each site also provides access to a unique database of more than 6,000 rare diseases, with graphics designed to accelerate knowledge transfer.

“Rare disease education is a growing need in our industry,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Co-Founder of Rare Expertise, “and this study demonstrates our ability to provide a more effective way to target and educate healthcare professionals about the rare diseases that are most relevant to them.”

Education designed to bridge the rare disease knowledge gap

By raising awareness and educating physicians about rare diseases, the Rare Medical Network is designed to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

The objectives of the Rare Medical Network:

  • Improve awareness, understanding and diagnosis of rare diseases by HCPs
  • Update HCPs on new treatment options
  • Identify HCPs for target lists and lead generation
  • Accelerate clinical trial recruitment
  • Drive awareness of specific rare disease brands and therapies

“We believe by raising the level of overall rare disease knowledge by specialists, we are making an important contribution to closing the rare disease knowledge gap,” said Jack Davis, Co-Founder of Rare Expertise. “Once an HCP has greater awareness of the potential diseases to consider, there are many sources of information available for deeper research.”

To accelerate specialty traffic to RMN websites, RMN has partnered with Equals 5, a biopharma ad-tech company that uses proprietary algorithms to provide NPI-level targeting on 9 social media channels and report physician-level data (PLD).

To learn more about the RMN or to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact Jeff Sweeney (
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About the Rare Medical Network

The Rare Medical Network is a division of Rare Expertise, a commercialization, communications, and strategic marketing consultancy founded to help companies more effectively educate patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals about rare diseases.

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