Striveworks and Cipher Skin Partner to Provide Deeper Analytics for Physical Therapy Patients

AUSTIN, Texas., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Striveworks and Cipher Skin are excited to announce a partnership that will bring real-time AI/ML models to rehabilitation and physical therapy patients. The integration between Striveworks, a company specializing in AI and MLOps, and Cipher Skin, the hardware-enabled monitoring platform that enables flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care, will unlock personalized analytics in rehabilitation that enable data-driven evaluations and highly effective treatment plans.

“Movement and exercise are two of the most critical metrics for physical rehabilitation,” said Phillip Bogdanovich, founder and CEO at Cipher Skin. “For too long, acquiring this data has been qualitative, imprecise, and required lengthy in-person visits. Through our platform, we can capture real-time dynamic motion and biometrics wirelessly, from anywhere. Striveworks’ Chariot platform gives us the next piece in that value chain—personalized analytics to make sense of this data and drive informed care pathways.” 

Cipher Skin’s Biosleeve technology captures gapless biometric and motion data, translating it into instant, actionable insights. This data can be rapidly ingested into Chariot, Striveworks’ MLOps platform. After models are trained and deployed in Chariot, the patent-pending Chariot Data Lineage system ensures that models remain fully auditable and reproducible. Data owners maintain full control over sensitive data throughout the ML lifecycle, ensuring individualized outcomes in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Striveworks CEO Jim Rebesco said, “If the data-centric model of AI has taught us anything, it’s that organizations that lead the way in the fidelity and accuracy of data are the ones that will win the race to building scalable, performant analytics that drive outcomes. We’re excited to partner with Cipher Skin to enable quantitative, personalized analytics in the rehabilitation space.”

Digital transformation in highly regulated environments rests on the ability to safely and responsibly build, deploy, monitor and audit models built on sensitive data. The partnership between Striveworks and Cipher Skin will improve the collection and delivery of data in rehab therapy as part of Cipher Skin’s focus on offering hybrid physical therapy. Advisors from Meta and Banner Health have recently joined Cipher Skin to help drive higher quality, outcomes-based care.

About Striveworks

Striveworks is a pioneer in operational data science for national security and other highly regulated spaces. Striveworks’ flagship MLOps platform is Chariot, built to solve the “Day 3” problem of model remediation. Founded in 2018, Striveworks was highlighted as an exemplar in the National Security Commission for AI 2020 Final Report. For more information visit

About Cipher Skin

Cipher Skin is a Hardware-enabled monitoring platform that enables flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care. Founded in 2017, Cipher Skin’s patented technology is a network of

sensors that captures gapless biometric and motion data and translates it through proprietary software to provide instantaneous, visualized data and diagnostics. By connecting in-clinic rehab therapy with at-home care through continuous patient progress monitoring, practitioners can track exact outcomes, deliver patient-centered care, and maximize clinic revenue. To learn more visit

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