Streamline Genomics Launches New SeeqVCF VCF Analysis Application, Bringing A Lightweight, Secure VCF Analysis Application to Clinical Genomics Users

MONTREAL, Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Streamline Genomics is pleased to announce the launch of SeeqVCF, a lightweight and innovative Variant Call Format ("VCF") filtering application for users of clinical genomics. VCF analysis is a critical component of genomic analysis

This launch comes soon after the September launch of Streamline’s search engine which allows for fast, intuitive search across a wide breadth of genomic information including the ability to cross-reference specific variants against treatments, diseases and — soon — active clinical trials. Both and SeeqVCF are free to use for individual users, with enterprise-level licenses available for larger teams and power users.

Several factors make VCF analysis difficult:

  • VCF analysis takes the input of sensitive datasets
  • Many existing solutions require data to be sent to the cloud
  • VCF analysis tools can be highly technical and require knowledge of command-line and/or open-source software installation

SeeqVCF specifically addresses these challenges with innovations in how services are distributed and run by the user:

  • SeeqVCF exists locally in the browser, and crucially — no PHI or PII is sent to a server.
  • SeeqVCF is a drag-and-drop interface — all you need to do is choose the VCF file from its source and run the analysis. There is no need to download open-source libraries, install command-line tools or interoperating sets of infrastructure directly on your device.
  • SeeqVCF is fast. Input your target genes along with your file and SeeqVCF will output analysis in under a minute. Analyzing VCFs should be fast, safe and reliable.

"I am pleased to see us add this amazing innovation to the suite of tools we are offering to users of clinical genomic data." said CEO Curtis Duggan, "Our mission to democratize access to fast, evidence-based genomic analysis is only just beginning."

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