Stramsen Biotech Joins Elite Class of Unicorns at $6.5 Billion Valuation and a Potential Reverse Merger Deal

Stramsen is negotiating a potential acquisition and/or a reverse merger with several US-based publicly traded companies.

HOUSTON, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — More than three years after establishment, Stramsen Biotech, Inc, is one of the leading plant-based biotech start-up companies in the world. After initial valuation in 2023, it has now officially been valued at $6.5 Billion, according to a third-party valuation company based in Los Angeles, California – Stonebridge Advisory.

The new valuation comes after a thorough and lengthy review of its management team, board of directors, team of scientists, assets, indebtedness indicators, commercial value of Stramsen’s products and overall company’s revenue or financial forecast etc. Stramsen Biotech is one of the world’s largest Biotech Start-ups based on the company’s pipeline. Stramsen’s pipeline has 33 drug candidates. The company has access to over 8,000 medicinal plants to be used for future drug discoveries.

There are ongoing private negotiations between Stramsen Biotech Inc. and several US-based publicly traded companies for a possible reverse merger. Stramsen hopes to acquire one of the companies in a reverse merger deal. Stramsen management team hopes that very likely Stramsen will soon become a public company via reverse merger option. An announcement will be made once both parties have agreed to the terms of the reverse merger acquisition deal. 

Stramsen’s drug candidates are plant-based medicines, and they are also classified as both herbal medicines and/or therapeutics. Therapeutics or pharmaceutical industry has about $1.5 trillion market size. The combined herbal medicine and general therapeutics market size for all products is $1.7 trillion. 

Stramsen Biotech’s goal is to capture between 1% and 5% of the $1.7 trillion market size within the next five to 15 years. The company’s annual gross revenue is expected to be between $17 billion and $85 billion in the next 10 to 15 years.

Stramsen’s Ph.D. level scientists have combined medicine research experience of more than 80 years. Due to rising resistance and safety concerns to some synthetic drugs, people around the world are increasingly turning to natural plant-based drugs / medicines for their healthcare needs. Currently about 40% of all medicines that are prescribed to all patients in the world are derived from medicinal plants.

Stramsen Biotech, Inc will donate a total of 100,000 shares of company’s common stocks to any eligible non-profit organizations that works with disabled military veterans in the US, children who live in poverty in developing countries or to refugee camps overseas and select individual military veterans.

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