Stramsen Biotech Inc. Announced Eleven New Natural Plant-based Drug / Medicine Candidates During its Board Members’ Meeting

Multiple FDA – IND applications are expected to be filed soon. Interested Accredited investors are highly invited.

HOUSTON, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Co-Chief Executive Officer of Houston-based Biotechnology Company Stramsen Biotech Inc. Dr. Kefas Mugittu (Ph.D.) has announced eleven Drug candidates for clinical development. These are new natural plant-based medicine candidates. The company’s Board Members’ meeting took place on Saturday June 18th, 2022, at the Hilton Hotel West-Chase Houston, Texas. 

These drugs are safe, effective and currently in use in different countries overseas. The list includes the following drug candidates; 

 1. SBX 1052 – Controls/prevents enlargement of the prostate glands. 
 2. SBX1968 – Controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis prostate glands cancer. 
 3. SBX 2021 – Controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis of various cancer cells. 
 4. SBX 2022 – Controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis of blood cancer. 
 5. SBX 2023 – treats various forms of peripheral neuropathic disorders 
 6. SBX 2000 – for management of various forms of cardiovascular diseases 
 7.  SBX 1977 – A wound healing drug with cell proliferation & strong antibacterial properties. 
 8. SBX 2048 – Controls HIV and improves immunity 
 9. SBX1988 – Controls diabetes 
 10. SBX2011 – Treats kidney infections and dissolves / breaks-up gallstones. 
 11. SBX1967 – Relieves bone/joint pains, treats bone/joint infection improves joint lubrication. 

Due to rising resistance and safety concerns to some synthetic drugs, people around the world are increasingly turning to natural plant-based drugs / medicines for their healthcare needs. In this regard, Stramsen Biotech’s goal is to provide patients with safe and efficacious medicines / drugs. Therefore, Stramsen Biotech’s current mission is to further confirm safety and efficacy of these drugs for FDA approval so that they can be used in the US and other western countries.

Stramsen Biotech is expected to submit multiple IND applications to the FDA. Stramsen Biotech also invites Accredited Investors to fund their clinical development processes. As a result of this board members’ meeting, the Company will start exploring all fundraising options including going public and filing prospectus form S-1 with the securities and exchange commission. 

Stramsen Biotech’s core research team has PhD-level Scientists and University Professors with headquarters in Houston, Texas. They specialize in Medicinal Phytochemistry, Natural Products Pathophysiology, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Science. They have received several awards and research grants and published extensively in peer-reviewed international journals. 
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