Steri-Write and Cherokee Indian Hospital Take Infection Prevention from the Clinics to the Casinos

Adoption of the pen disinfection tool has expanded from medical office settings into public offices and even casinos on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina.

TOLEDO, Ohio, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Steri-Write is proud to announce its ground-breaking product’s adoption has expanded from healthcare into public spaces. With the risk of environmentally transmitted infections such as flu and MRSA, the simple act of using a pen to fill out forms has become a potential vector for infectious diseases. Steri-Write, a revolutionary pen disinfection tool developed by Dr. Brian Wind, offers a game-changing solution to this critical issue, ensuring enhanced safety for patients and the public.

Dr. Brian Wind, a distinguished ophthalmic surgeon, envisioned creating a safer healthcare environment long before the COVID-19 pandemic. His cutting-edge pen disinfection tool utilizes the power of UV light to eliminate 99.9% of germs lingering on pens, eliminating the need for questionable “clean” and “dirty” pen cups and improving hand hygiene.

Steri-Write has rapidly gained traction in both healthcare and non-healthcare facilities across the nation. The Cherokee Indian Hospital, serving the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in western North Carolina, recently implemented Steri-Write at welcome desks where patients often use shared pens to complete paperwork.

Bobbi Jo Jenkins, RN and the Infection Preventionist for the hospital, first saw the innovation at the APIC infection prevention conference in 2022, and knew she wanted to implement it immediately. “We have over 14,000 members here on the boundary. Our mission is to protect them and the remaining speakers of our native language,” says Jenkins of her decision to adopt Steri-Write. “This was an easy decision for us after we had seen the positive results that using UV disinfection had provided us when cleaning rooms.”

Jenkins says their teams adopted it readily, adding about 15 devices to every satellite clinic and hospital entrances where paperwork is common. Then, a few patients who worked for the tribal casino and tribal government offices saw the safety device. “So, they took it back to the tribe and into the casino, and now they’re purchasing units,” she added, in other spaces where paperwork is common, like the casino‘s HR office. Visitors are complimentary of the devices, which have been in place for over a year.

“They feel like we’re doing our best to provide them protection and decrease the amount of germs that they’re exposed to. It’s kind of like going into the grocery store. You’re always gonna grab a cart. So, do you grab one of those wipes to clean it first, or do you just get it and pray that you don’t catch something? There’s so many germs spread by contact.”

Dr. Wind reports that he learned from the experience as well. “I didn’t realize how disproportionately Native American groups are affected by COVID-19, but also by other transmissible diseases,” says Dr. Wind, “but I’m so glad Steri-Write can be a part of preventing infections in the Native American community.”

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