State Agencies, Schools and Hospitals Turn to Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) for Secure Transportation of COVID Vaccine

HIALEAH, Fla., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) specializes in transportation solutions for sensitive healthcare and military cargo. TCP is bringing its packaging to the front lines of the COVID vaccine distribution without the need for dry ice. Our totes transport the vaccine while maintaining the required temperatures safely.

PCMs are formulated to keep temperatures stable in a specified temperature range by absorbing or releasing latent energy. TCP’s lightweight insulated totes are capable of transporting between 350 – 2100 doses of Modern vaccine while holding -21-degrees centigrade temperatures for many hours. This same transport system can maintain refrigeration temperatures at zero degrees centigrade, using TCP’s custom-made phase change materials, PC0, to store the Moderna vaccine for 30 days and the Pfizer vaccine for five days.

The specimen transport tote comes in various sizes to meet transportation requirements. Each tote has an almost indestructible outer shelf and an internal formed well, making it durable and easy to sanitize. In addition, they are all non-hazardous, non-toxic, and reusable with a multi-year shelf life.

Director of TCP, Dr. Clifford Glade, has been building and modifying totes and PCMs for the medical field for more than 18 years. He commented on the importance of TCPs vaccine transportation, "We hear the cases increasing every day for the deadly COVID-19 Delta variant, with 129,000 new infections a day – a 700% increase from the beginning of July. With only 51% of the U.S. population fully vaccinated, it is now essential for vaccines to be distributed where they are needed across the country to ensure Americans are protected against the virus. In addition, our totes can guarantee that not a single vaccine dose goes to waste from temperature tampering, which will be even more important as booster immunizations may be needed in the near future."

About Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP)
Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) is a medical product manufacturer—specializing in cold-chain transport solutions, insulated containers (totes), and the chemical reactions that maintain them. The Florida-based manufacturer run by doctors has a unique understanding of what is needed out in the field and designs with input during testing in the field. The company is the force behind the PC-21, the latest transport technology for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and antibiotics—frozen without dry ice. Many of the world’s most extensive healthcare services rely on TCP solutions.

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Dr. Clifford Glade, Director
Thermal Custom Packaging

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