Sponsors of the Future Launches Unique Ecosystems to Fill Critical Gaps for Neurodivergent Children and Teenagers

Focusing on education, advocacy, and inclusivity, local non-profit ignites a global movement to encourage healthcare leaders and businesses to fulfill communities’ unmet needs.

EAST GREENWICH, R.I., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sponsors of the Future (SoF)—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a focus on creating ecosystems and programming for growing adolescents with neurodivergent disabilities—launched today with a critical inclusivity mission: preparing children and teenagers with unique challenges for more fulfilling, independent adulthoods.

SoF, focusing on education, advocacy, and inclusivity, is dedicated to implementing transitional life stage programs that aid the development of important life and social skills in aging children. Ahead of the Fourth of July, SoF is kicking off a limited-edition t-shirt fundraiser for their 2022-2023 programs. Fuel independence, buy a t-shirt.

SoF ecosystems facilitate strong connections and partnerships between businesses and the communities they serve. Founder and former Pfizer scientist Dr. Jake Lee explains, "I’ve spent many years developing drugs for everything from rare diseases to COVID-19, but found a severe lack of connection between my work and the people they were meant to help."

He continues, "while navigating the healthcare industry for my daughter with neurodivergent challenges, I was frustrated with the lack of practical support options available. It became clear that the healthcare industry puts a greater emphasis on overmedicalization and curative treatments. There are other things to consider besides the medical aspects." Dr. Lee has over 20 years of industry experience working with global pharmaceutical leaders, including Pfizer, Lonza, Shire, Amgen, and Takeda in the US.

Michele Nadeem-Baker, leukemia survivor, national patient advocate, and SoF Patient Engagement Program driver emphasizes, "I dream of the day when healthcare and life science companies really consider patient[‘s] whole being. For [neurodivergent] children, it is even more important that there are more programs for them. These skills will help them [transition] into [adulthood] so that they can live lives like everyone else and get careers. It’s really only with [businesses’] help in various ways that this can be achieved."

Global business leaders beyond healthcare entities have already joined the movement. Initial SoF partners include Dr. Jart, a leading Estee Lauder skincare brand founded by dermatologists, Orangetheory Fitness, a fitness empire with a focus on science, coaching, and technology, Dermafirm, the cosmeceutical company leading the Healthy Skincare Movement, BDMT Global, a leading Boston-based business development and marketing company specialized in supporting global healthcare businesses, and Radio Entrepreneurs, the largest producer of entrepreneurial stories in New England. Learn about SoF corporate sponsorship opportunities.  

SoF’s leadership features an ecosystem of professionals. Radiologist Dr. David Cheng serves as a Parent Advocate, while Head of Community Relations Lauren Cheng, is a social worker and mother of an autistic teenager. Suzy Im, a five-time award-winning global marketing and business development leader dedicated to helping healthcare companies meet their community goals to ultimately improve the global, interdependent healthcare system, is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of SoF. As an Emerson College professor and author of two books, including youth leadership communication and life skills, she is passionate about developing programs that meet the needs of neurodivergent kids.

About Sponsors of the Future

Sponsors of the Future (SoF) is a non-profit organization that creates programming to empower neurodivergent children and teenagers to live independent lives. SoF bridges the gap between separate entities meant to work together.

Practical programming, developed through SoF’s ecosystems of experts with a goal to expand nationally, will nurture foundational life and long-term career-oriented skills. Inquire about SoF’s flagship program.

Ongoing, inclusive programs include Career Path Prep for career mentoring, SoF Star Spotlight to celebrate life achievements, and the Pen Pal Program to facilitate new friendships with peers.

Visit sponsorsofthefuture.org.

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