Siliski Soaps Offers A Silky Smooth Option For Sensitive Skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Siliski Soaps was born out of a long-term search for a soap bar that would help manage eczema. Founder Andrew Siliski found that no matter what he tried or how much he spent, he couldn’t find a soap that genuinely helped rather than hindered the issue. It was for this reason that many opt to avoid soap as much as possible when dealing with the condition.

Even in the realm of artisan soap making, it was impossible to get away from common ingredients like palm oil and synthetics that have a habit of exacerbating dry or itchy skin. Even when he tried to work with simple, straight-up Castile soaps, Siliski found that the modern versions of the traditionally olive oil-based cleaner was usually made with harsher palm and coconut oils.

After trying hundreds of different options, Siliski decided to solve the problem on his own. While he began experimenting with the soap-making process, though, it took quite a while before he was ready to launch his incubating brand.

In the words of Siliski himself, "We finally decided that we would have to build the better soaps we needed. This kicked off years of research and formulation…" The goals of Siliski’s new sensitive soap enterprise was simple yet ambitious and included creating a line of soaps that:

  • Avoided the use of palm oil;
  • Used bonafide essential oil for scents;
  • Were thoroughly built around quality rather than margins.

After extensive research and experimentation, Siliski finally struck gold. At the end of the day, the entrepreneur found one item to be absolutely critical for success: olive oil. The tried and true ingredient allowed his bars, creams, and foaming liquids to remain soft and silky. They moisturized as well as cleaned, leaving the hands feeling smooth and invigorated.

True to his word, Siliski also ensured that the rest of his creation was of the highest quality. This was done by maintaining a strict code of standards, including:

  • Using 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients;
  • Being SLS-, palm oil-; GMO-; and cruelty-free;
  • Using 100% recyclable packaging and maintaining a low carbon footprint;
  • Lovingly making each and every bar by hand.

Siliski Soaps has managed to set a new standard, not just in the soap industry but specifically in the artisan soap niche. The brand’s cleansers are effective both during a wash and after the fact. They’re gentle on the skin and pleasant to smell.

From start to finish, Siliski Soaps has managed to take a mundane part of everyone’s daily routine and turned it into a thoughtful, responsible, and healthy activity for all and sundry.

About Siliski Soaps: Siliski Soaps was founded by Andrew Siliski and is located in Murrysville outside of Pittsburg, PA. The Siliski Soaps label stands for transparency and quality, both of which can be seen throughout its line of handmade artisanal soap products.

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