Signia’s Newest, World’s-First Hearing Aid Innovations, Motion Charge&Go X and Active Pro X, Now Available to Veterans

PISCATAWAY, N.J., May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hearing aid innovator Signia today announced its cutting-edge Motion Charge&Go X and Active Pro X hearing aids are now available to military veterans via U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) audiologists, as well as active military and American Indians seeking treatment through the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Indian Health Service (IHS) respectively.

The new solutions join the stylish Signia Styletto X hearing aids and the Signia Pure Charge&Go X as trusted by the VA to improve veterans’ hearing.

Technology to Enhance Human Performance

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, hearing issues are the most common service-connected disability among veterans and more than 2.7 million veterans currently receive treatment or disability compensation for hearing problems. By making Signia’s most advanced hearing aids available to veterans, the VA has ensured access to world’s-first technologies that enhance human performance.

“Signia is committed to improving the quality of life for all veterans through better hearing,” said John Murray, Signia’s Vice President of Government Services. “We understand the hearing needs of veterans and are proud to be able to deliver our most innovative Signia Xperience technology via our Motion Charge&Go X and Active Pro hearing aids. Now, veterans can select from a wider array of Signia devices to fit their lifestyles and rest assured the Signia solutions will not just improve their ability to hear but also optimize their human performance.”

The Signia Motion Charge&Go X is Signia’s newest family of behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids for addressing all levels of hearing loss in a sleek form factor and with industry-leading rechargeability. Three models—the Motion Charge&Go X, P X, and SP X—are available through the VA. The Motion Charge&Go SP X is the world’s first rechargeable super power hearing aid and is capable of running up to 61 hours per charge.

Signia Active Pro, an innovative hearing aid to fight stigma, is another option for VA, DoD, and IHS patients. It represents a new category of hearing aid, with a discreet design to fight the stigma that might otherwise cause veterans to avoiding wearing hearing aids. Because it fits firmly and comfortably in the ear rather than behind the ear, the Active Pro won’t interfere with face mask straps, while requiring fewer visits for fittings as it doesn’t require an ear impression. Its battery lasts all day on a single charge and works with an included portable charger that can extend battery life by three days.

“Signia’s broad portfolio of hearing aids ensures veterans can always find a model to meet their specific needs,” Murray continued. “Many features of Signia hearing aids are ideally suited to veterans, such as support for Signia TeleCare and Signia Assistant, for veterans who can’t easily get to a VA facility.”

Signia Xperience for Better Hearing

Both the Signia Motion Charge&Go X family and Signia Active Pro are powered by the Signia Xperience platform, a collection of world’s-first audiology and technology features that allow veterans to tailor hearing experiences to varying conditions and preferences.

Both the Signia Motion Charge&Go X family and Signia Active Pro include Bluetooth connectivity and run the Signia app, which offers access to Signia TeleCare and Signia Assistant. Signia TeleCare is a telehealth solution that allows veterans to consult with their audiologists remotely. Signia Assistant uses artificial intelligence to help make automatic adjustments.

The Signia app also gives veterans access to Signia’s revolutionary Face Mask Mode, which improves audibility for wearers communicating with someone wearing a face mask, as well as the company’s unique tinnitus notch therapy, which is customized to the unique frequency of each wearer’s tinnitus.

“Signia’s mission is to enhance human performance through an innovative combination of audiology and technology,” Murray concluded. “When veterans seek treatment, we believe it’s not just a matter of correcting for hearing loss; it’s about providing them with a solution that enables them to perform at their very best – personally, professionally, and continuously.

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