Shreis Establishes Marketing and Distribution Collaborations in the US, Latin America, Mexico, and Canada for the SHYCOCAN®- A Device that Disables Coronaviruses

GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shreis Scalene Therapeutics LLC (SSTx), a MD-USA-based medical device company has fast-tracked the marketing and distribution of the CE-marked (EU-Class 1) Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (SHYCOCAN®) under “US FDA ‘Enforcement Policy for Sterilizers, Disinfectant Devices, and Air Purifiers during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency” by establishing collaborative marketing and distribution pipelines within the US, Latin America, Mexico and Canada.

“As the pandemic continues to surge globally, plans are afoot to re-open schools, places of worship, restaurants, service facilities and workplaces, raising concerns about the new wave of infections being reported”, said Prof. Meena Augustus Ph.D. Founder-President, CEO & CSO of SSTx. “The SHYCOCAN® with its innovative technology that delivers photoelectrons in real-time, can be safely deployed 24/7 in almost all enclosed indoor environments, as it does not use ultraviolet light, expel any chemicals nor does the device produce ozone, or ionize the air to produce reactive oxygen species, oxides of nitrogen or other harmful compounds. Another important feature of this technology is that it has been biologically validated using representative organisms. Of these, only viruses were targeted, while bacteria, fungi, human and other mammalian cells were not, indicating that it is eco-, people, and pet friendly.”

“Phased deployment of the SHYCOCAN® has been facilitated by engaging with mass marketing and distribution entities that include iAM Solutions LLC in Clifton, Virginia, MedAir Labs in Solon, Ohio, GlobexHealth Raksha Inc. in New Jersey/New York, Tres Manos Lab S. De R.L De C.V in Mexico City, Mexico, KiboVision Chile SPA, in Santiago, Chile for Latin America, and Ontario Masks and Gloves in Toronto, Canada.  SSTx continues to have its own marketing and distribution operations in these countries through its direct initiatives, in addition to these domestic and territory-specific marketing channels. Top tier domestic contract manufacturing collaborations are also being considered”, said Rayol John Augustus Ph.D., Co-Founder and COO of SSTx and the Founder President of the Shreis Scalene Group of Medical Device companies.

About Shreis Scalene Group of LLCs – Shreis Scalene Therapeutics LLC prioritized the SHYCOCAN® device project to meet emergent needs during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The Shreis Scalene Group of Therapeutic and Diagnostic medical device companies is head-quartered in Montgomery County, MD. Together with the Inventor and Technology partner, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, the Shreis Scalene Group is bringing novel, non-invasive, engineering solutions to human health problems. These include the CYTOTRON® with US-FDA Breakthrough Designation granted for solid tumors of the Breast, Liver and Pancreas (among other solid tumors clinically validated in off-shore clinical studies); tissue regeneration (in musculoskeletal disorders, degenerative respiratory disorders, wound healing etc.); the CELLFORN® for safe, non-invasive cancer drug delivery, and the HAEMOSEIS-256® – a diagnostic cardiovascular disease detection device;  for North and South American markets, including Mexico and the Caribbean. Shreis’ mission is to introduce leading-edge platform technologies that will impact the survivorship experience with quality of life, and continue to offer global solutions for safe, patient-centric, affordable healthcare. 

Prof. Meena Augustus Ph.D.          

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SOURCE Shreis Scalene Therapeutics LLC

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