Sheila Thorne to Moderate Multicultural Health Marketing Program at Xpectives Health Summit

BOSTON, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group is proud to announce that Sheila Thorne, President & CEO, will be moderating the Multicultural Health Marketing (MCH) 101 program at the upcoming Xpectives Health Summit on April 19, 2023, in Boston.

The Xpectives Health Summit is a premier event that provides a better understanding of the healthcare consumer by focusing on them as the nexus of healthcare decision-making. As part of the summit, Sheila Thorne will also lead the Multicultural Health Marketing: An Industry Overview workshop, exploring the challenges and opportunities of reaching racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse U.S. communities with healthcare marketing campaigns.

“We are thrilled to have Sheila Thorne as the moderator for our Multicultural Health Marketing program,” said Scott Ehrlich, CEO, DTC Perspectives. “Sheila brings a wealth of experience and expertise in multicultural healthcare marketing, and her insights will be invaluable in helping our attendees understand best practices for reaching multicultural populations.”

The Multicultural Health Marketing: An Industry Overview workshop will provide a historical overview of the state of the art of multicultural healthcare marketing, best practices in developing outreach, engagement, and ROI-driven direct-to-consumer (DTC) campaigns, and an analysis of case histories from molecule to market. This workshop will be a valuable opportunity for healthcare organizations to gain insights into the strategic and tactical challenges of multicultural marketing and how it can lead to improved outcomes for diverse groups.

Participants who complete the Multicultural Health Marketing program will receive a certificate of completion and become certified Multicultural Marketers. This certification will demonstrate their expertise in multicultural healthcare marketing and provide a competitive advantage in today’s diverse healthcare landscape.

Sheila Thorne, an internationally recognized leader in multicultural healthcare marketing, has spent almost three decades designing health education programs, Diversity and Inclusion, cultural competency training programs, and marketing campaigns for racially and linguistically diverse populations throughout the United States, Western Europe, and Latin America and is excited to share her knowledge and insights at Xpectives Health Summit.

“The increasing and burgeoning population growth of diverse communities in the U.S. presents challenges and opportunities for healthcare organizations,” said Sheila Thorne. “Understanding cultural awareness, disease prevalence, and effective treatment strategies is crucial in achieving health equity for all. I look forward to engaging with the attendees at Xpectives Health Summit and providing them with practical strategies to reach multicultural populations effectively.”

Healthcare professionals and marketers interested in gaining insights into multicultural healthcare marketing are encouraged to attend and participate in this informative workshop led by Sheila Thorne. For more information about Xpectives Health Summit and the Multicultural Health Marketing program, visit For more information on Sheila Thorne, visit 

Candace Sandy

SOURCE Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group (MHMG)