Sequent Software Unveils Privacy-Enabled Healthcare Technology Platform, 3PSecure, Powered by Invicta Health Solutions

Collaboration between Sequent and Invicta delivers a trailblazing HIPAA and Cures Act-compliant tech solution that maximizes data sharing value and minimizes risk for healthcare providers, patients, and payors

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sequent Software has announced the launch of its newest platform, 3PSecure, in connection with its collaboration with Invicta Health Solutions, a US-based, privately-owned healthcare industry revenue cycle management provider known for its prowess in advancing new approaches and tech-forward solutions. Invicta’s clientele includes small-to-large healthcare systems, hospitals, and other organizations, and its services encompass AI/ML technology, enrollment and eligibility, and claims management solutions. The new platform, branded as "3PSecure, powered by Invicta," leverages more than 12 years of specialized fintech experience and is expected to expand Invicta’s capabilities in the healthcare space and Sequent’s healthcare footprint.

According to Sequent’s Chief Executive Officer, Joan Ziegler, "Sequent is delighted to partner with Invicta. Their executive team, led by Donny Zamora, knows how to leverage technology tools to ensure fast, flexible deployment just as we do. Invicta keeps providers, patients, and payors at the forefront of business and clinical intelligence, and the deployment of our 3PSecure platform integration will bring even more superior AI/ML analytics to the table so Invicta’s healthcare clients can achieve objectives rapidly, securely, and always HIPAA and Cures Act compliant."

Sequent and Invicta leadership believe that 3PSecure is the "right solution, right now" as 21st Century Cures Act compliance requires payors and providers to share information for actionable AI/ML workflows. "The 3PSecure platform delivers superior business intelligence to accelerate payments to providers coupled with extraordinary clinical intelligence for high impact patient outcomes in patient treatment and prevention," said Donny Zamora, Invicta’s Chief Executive Officer. "More than just de-identifying EHRs, 3PSecure empowers Invicta (on behalf of its clientele) to re-identify enriched analytics at the granular patient level. Further, Sequent has provided its signature bank grade security configured to mask, redact, and tokenize any sensitive personal data wherever it is shared. The Sequent and Invicta brands are well aligned for this collaboration."

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About Sequent

Sequent is a Silicon Valley based privacy-enabling technology company that secures personal data in digital transformation. Sequent technologies protect sensitive personal information for financial and healthcare data at rest or on the move. Sequent’s comprehensive solutions enables graph advanced analytics and archival data access tools, so our customers extract superior AI/BI from TB and PB of data for demonstrably better patient outcomes in treatment and prevention in healthcare and more secure digital payments and marketing programs in financial services. 

About Invicta Health Solutions

Invicta Health Solutions, a US-based, privately-owned organization, partners with healthcare organizations to provide meaningful revenue cycle management solutions for improved operational and financial performance–all while positively impacting patients’ satisfaction. Invicta Health Solutions’ approach combines advanced technology, proven workflows, and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals to consistently exceed customers’ expectations. For more information, visit

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