Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Partners with Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to Provide Formulation and Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls for Revolutionary Anti-Inflammatory Injectable

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical has entered their third development, manufacturing, distribution and license agreement with KVK-Tech. This is a monumental milestone for the company and great news for their promising multi-use anti-inflammatory injectable.

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, an innovative life sciences company developing a portfolio of revolutionary anti-inflammatories by repurposing existing molecules for novel uses, has entered a third strategic partnership with KVK-Tech. KVK-Tech is a leading Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company that will be providing formulation and Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) for Sen-Jam’s first injectable anti-inflammatory therapeutic, SJP-100. 

This drug, the first injectable in its class, is an immunomodulator with a unique, dual mechanism of action. SJP-100’s formulation has the ability to provide individualized, precision, drug delivery. There are many use cases for this product, with the key feature being in-hospital use for combating cytokine storms. For more than 30 years the medical community has been struggling to address this runaway inflammatory response. Today’s current treatments result in immunosuppression, which is damaging to the entire immune system. 

As a dual-action therapeutic, SJP-100 reduces the rate at which inflammatory proteins are released into the body from the immune system, while also reducing intracellular inflammation, often referred to as oxidative stress, which can readily damage or kill healthy cells. And, with 30 years of safety data, immunosuppression is not a side effect.

One of the more fascinating components of this drug is its value to the scientific community studying aging and healthy pathways to preserving longevity. With precision delivery, the broader implication is for SJP-100 to prevent disease progression and prolong healthspan.

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s current Phase 2 study in COVID patients examining the efficacy of SJP-002C, an oral combination product, will further our knowledge of the benefits of SJP-100, as a single agent to re-establish the immune system’s homeostasis. This Phase 2 Clinical Trial is scheduled to be completed this summer.

The brain-child of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Jackie Iversen shares her excitement for this exciting drug. “The creation of this product brings Sen-Jam into a whole new arena of immunomodulation. The utility of SJP-100 is to provide precise, titratable, safe reduction of inflammation, which is currently not available in the marketplace.  We believe SJP-100 has the potential to change the standard of care.” 

Kiran Vepuri, Director of Business Development for KVK-Tech said, “We are thrilled with our flourishing partnership with Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical. This third agreement and in particular, this asset SJP-100, is a testament to the shared values around delivering new solutions that can positively change the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical will use the completed formulation and CMC work to establish licensing agreements with contracting manufacturing companies (CMOs) around the world. The pharma company, affectionately known as the “pharma for the people, people,” is currently in early-stage discussions with several International CMOs. Having this agreement will allow them to accelerate the advancement of these relationships.

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