Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Opens Enrollment for Patients in Their COVID Therapy Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Nepal and Engages With Strategic Investor for Worldwide Distribution

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical has cleared the various regulatory hurdles and now is actively enrolling patients in it’s much anticipated COVID oral therapeutic Clinical Trial. In addition, the company recently entered a powerhouse strategic partnership with a Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company, one of the largest investors in the project to date, to help rapidly manufacture billions of capsules annually. This is a monumental milestone for the company and great news for their promising oral COVID-19 treatment.

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, an innovative life sciences company developing a portfolio of revolutionary anti-inflammatories by repurposing existing molecules for novel combination therapy, this week began enrolling patients into their Phase 2 Clinical Trial for their promising oral COVID therapeutic. At the same time, the company has joined forces with KVK Tech¬†that will provide access to world-class Formulation and Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) for their COVID-19 therapeutic.

A collaborative team of scientists from several different countries have been working tirelessly in various time zones simultaneously to get approvals to commence the trial with the Nepalese governing bodies since late last year.  The commitment and perseverance paid off and now they are underway enrolling patients into their Clinical Trial. These research efforts reflect a remarkable partnership between Sen-Jam, Duke-NUS Medical School, Duke University School of Medicine, and Global Clinical Research, which combined, makes up an esteemed group of international researchers.

Sen-Jam’s investigational therapeutic for the treatment of COVID-19, SJP-002C is now actively enrolling patients for their clinical trial under a co-development agreement with Duke-NUS and Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. Alexander T. Limkakeng Jr., MD, MHSc, FACEP, Professor, Vice Chief of Research and Director, Acute Care Research at Duke Emergency Medicine said, "The study design has several unique features, including using a combination therapy that is widely available as an approved drug in countries around the world; has a known safety profile and well-understood mechanism of action of its individual components; has been studied in other viral illnesses; and could have complementary effects, with one agent potentially reducing the known side effects of the other."

Kiran Vepuri, Director of Business Development for KVK-Tech, Sen-Jam’s largest Strategic investor to date, said, "This is a fantastic fit for our organization. We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver safe, effective and affordable FDA-approved pharmaceuticals to meet our customers’ needs and ensure that patients have access to high-quality medicines when they need it. Sen-Jam and their talented team of innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs represent a perfect fit for our culture of excellence and our unwavering focus on delivering value."

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, affectionately known as the "Pharma for the people, people," is thrilled by this move that accelerates the advancement of these promising therapeutics. With a mission to bring accessible, affordable, highly effective and safe solutions to the world, this week was a massive step forward to achieving that dream.

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