Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Enters Phase I Clinical Study on Alcohol Hangover Treatment

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Veisalgia, a.k.a. the alcohol hangover, has been around since humans invented fermentation. While it is believed that next-day symptoms of dizziness, headache, nausea, and brain fog are caused by dehydration, Registered Pharmacist Jacqueline Iversen of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical discovered evidence that hangovers are caused by inflammation.

Iversen had been working on a novel combination of drug molecules with the aim of disrupting the body’s inflammatory response. She applied this combination, named SPJ-001, in an alcohol hangover study, where participants were given the combination prior to drinking. The resultant hangovers were eliminated or reduced. "This has proven effective over 1,000 times in volunteers," she said.  

Sen-Jam has an open FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) application to begin a phase I clinical study for SPJ-001 and is in late-stage discussions with a US Licensee for distribution. This life-science startup is actively seeking strategic partners in Australia, Japan, and South Africa. "We have been granted patents in the US, Australia, Japan, and South Africa, and have patents pending in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Israel, and the EPO countries," Iversen said.

Iversen has identified numerous other applications for small molecule combinations as therapeutics for inflammatory and pain conditions, including COVID-19. Sen-Jam is seeking investors to continue research leading to licensing partnerships for its 24 domestic and international patents and patents pending. The products derived from these combined molecules would be economical, accessible, and if evidence continues to accumulate, effective. To read the full article on Sen-Jam’s discoveries and mission to revolutionize pain and inflammation treatment, click here

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At Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical we disrupt pain and inflammation. Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s mission is to improve societal wellbeing by developing therapeutics that are safe, efficacious, and accessible. Sen-Jam repurposes small molecules to develop novel therapeutics for unmet needs with a focus on improving clinical outcomes for patients battling opioid use disorder, viral respiratory infections, and other inflammation conditions, including arthritis, vaccinations, and even the infamous hangover. Using patented proprietary technology and the accelerated 505(b)2 pathway, Sen-Jam is on a mission to revolutionize pain treatment and the business of pain relief. Investor information available at The Main Stage. Learn more at

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