RxE2 Revolutionizes Clinical Trials with Groundbreaking AI-led Technology Platform and Marketplace

FARGO, N.D., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RxE2, the pioneer in pharmacy-led medical innovation, announces the launch of a groundbreaking technology platform that redefines the clinical trial landscape. RxE2 is the first technology company to seamlessly connect independent community pharmacies with the forefront of healthcare innovation, ushering in a new era of patient-centric and cost-effective clinical research.

At the core of RxE2’s innovation is a unique platform and marketplace for clinical trial services driven by the trusted relationship between pharmacists and patients. This revolutionary approach leverages the extensive independent community pharmacist insights about their patients, making clinical trials more accessible and significantly reducing timelines and costs. RxE2 is a Pharmacy Research Organization that collaborates with sponsors, CROs, and clinical sites to enhance the productivity and efficiency of clinical trials.

Mr. Gerald Finken, CEO of RxE2 expresses enthusiasm for this milestone, “As a pharmacist, I recognize the pivotal role community pharmacies play in patient care. RxE2 reached a significant milestone in integrating pharmacy practices into clinical trials. It’s not just about the data we have; it’s about knowing how to analyze it and putting the right tools in the hands of medication experts and other healthcare professionals to enhance clinical trial outcomes. We’re proud to lead this initiative and welcome the opportunity to integrate innovation at this crucial intersection of pharmacy and clinical research.”

The platform introduces artificial intelligence analytics with clinical trial-level rigor. Featuring real-time personalized insights and CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliance, the platform translates data into opportunities and offers customer care insights during patient recruitment, drug dispensing, and counseling. RxE2 has access to millions of diverse patients, can process tens of millions of records in real-time, and perform thousands of medical queries to support and enhance clinical research.

“Our platform is a game changer, seamlessly connecting clinical trial sponsors, community pharmacies, and patients, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that accelerates the pace of medical advancements,” says Doug Liberi, VP of Business Development & Sales at RxE2. “At the heart of our approach is a commitment to human-centric solutions empowering pharmacists to contribute to the future of medicine. Our platform equips them with the tools to play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of clinical trials and patient well-being.”

RxE2 is not just a technology platform, but a commitment to enriching patient lives by offering them access to new care options. It empowers all stakeholders—sponsors/pharma companies, pharmacists, and patients—with innovation that transcends traditional boundaries in clinical research.

For more information about RxE2 and its pioneering technology platform, visit www.rxe2.com.

About RxE2:

RxE2 is the first technology company to make clinical trials a cost-effective reality. By integrating the practice of pharmacy into every aspect of clinical trials RxE2 empowers independent community pharmacists to use their extensive patient insights to make clinical trials more accessible for Everyone, Everywhere. As trusted medication experts, pharmacists can vastly reduce clinical trial timelines and costs, and help study sponsors and patients achieve higher quality outcomes. RxE2 is a Pharmacy Research Organization, working together with sponsors and CROs to make clinical trials more productive and efficient, while offering pharmacists a single access point for clinical trials to deliver all pharmacy-care services.

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