Rimage Globally Launches the World’s First Automatic USB Publishing System

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rimage, the leading provider of portable storage data management and publishing systems, announced today the release of its newest product, Maestro™ as the first in a set of next generation portable, on-premise data management solutions.

This offering, released in partnership with Phison Electronics Corp., RITEK Corp. and Sanmina Corp., makes USB printing and imaging fully automated, WORM featured (write once read many) and reliable for customers who require a physical copy of data in a format that’s compatible with today’s technology. With the release of Maestro, Rimage continues its 40-year commitment to providing a diverse set of best-in-class products to the industries and companies that will always need to retain and secure their data in a portable media format even in the cloud-enabled environment.

"USB storage is an important part of an organization’s defense-in-layers strategy," says Chris Rence, Rimage’s CEO. "With the cyber pandemic raging and insurers tightening their underwriting on cyber liability policies, USB gives companies an offline, on-premise data security solution that’s compatible with today’s technology."

"Embedded and industrial systems have always placed extremely high requirements on the compatibility and reliability of NAND storage products," said K.S. Pua, chairman and CEO of Phison Electronics. "Phison is happy and honored to provide customized, high-quality USB flash drives for the world’s first USB printing and publishing system released by Rimage. Phison’s customized USB flash drive is not only fully compatible with the Rimage system, but also provides a reliable and more convenient data backup method."

Maestro, the world’s first automatic USB publishing system is engineered for continuous performance using industrial grade robotics, direct-to-USB publishing system. Maestro meets the world’s most challenging USB data demands for all memory sizes.

According to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group study 49% of organizations attribute their more complex IT environments to the increase in remote workers due to COVID-19 work-from-home mandates. This shift may also present a new opportunity for adaptable, smaller-scale storage options like USB.

"Our company is continually evaluating technologies and sharing our expertise in security and system architecture across industry and government. For organizations that rely on offline storage, the Rimage Maestro is a game-changer," said Eric Power, Principal at Beryllium Infosec Collaborative.

"This new technology offers the data portability and reliability that growing organizations like ours need to better manage and protect our data," said Founder and Executive Director Nate Johnson, FreeWriters.

As part of Rimage’s Data Lifecycle Enablement portfolio, Maestro joins a suite of products that organizations can count on to do their mission-critical work. The industry’s leader in combining robotics, software and engineering, Rimage’s automation systems can be tailored to any volume and workflow requirements. Rimage’s best-in-class solutions are reliable, scalable, fast, and secure. This continued effort to evolve and launch new removable, on-premise data management solutions will continue as Rimage rolls out plans for future capabilities.

For more information on Maestro, and to see a production demonstration, check out these videos:


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