Redesign Science Raises $15M to Advance Computational Structure-Based Drug Discovery

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Redesign Science, a platform technology company combining physics, computer science and biotechnology to advance new small molecule therapeutics, announced the successful completion of Seed-2 and Seed-3 financings, for a total of $15 million. Redesign Science pushes into the next frontier of computational drug discovery – exploring the druggable potential of dynamic biological targets.

Using state-of-the-art physics-based simulation algorithms, Redesign Science has successfully identified early hits for several emerging and challenging target classes, ranging from precision cancer therapeutics to first-in-class small molecules for inflammatory bowel disease.

Redesign Science has focused on developing algorithms that fuse molecular dynamics, statistical physics and machine learning to produce a quick and accurate analysis of a protein’s structural dynamics.

"Our fundamental insight is that the complex equilibria of protein systems can be characterized through mixed simulation modes to reveal novel drug sites that are invisible to traditional static protein structure analysis," David Rooklin, cofounder and CEO.

The company has developed a virtual small molecule design framework that integrates the discovery of dynamic drug sites with the thermodynamics and kinetics of drug binding to reach an unprecedented richness of early drug discovery hits.

"We are rethinking both the computational infrastructure and core algorithms to not only scale up the scope and accuracy of virtual screening, but also the pace of actionable scientific discovery," Haotian Li, cofounder and CTO.

With proceeds from the recent financings, Redesign will expand its cloud computing infrastructure and advance several core screening algorithms to scale across a diverse range of biological target classes. Redesign will continue to advance strategic co-development partnerships with leading biotech firms and will launch an internal pipeline of early stage asset development.

The $5 million Seed-2 was led by Collaborative Fund and joined by 5Y Capital, Notation Capital, Third Kind Venture Capital, Preface Ventures, Refactor Capital, Acequia Capital, and Hawktail. The $10 million Seed-3 was led by Kaitai Capital and joined by ZhenFund, Third Kind Venture Capital, Preface Ventures, and Collaborative Fund.

About the company¬† Founded in 2017, Redesign Science is a next-generation computational drug discovery biotech. Redesign’s mission is to use cutting edge computational approaches to better understand protein dynamics for precision structure-based drug discovery and to expand the druggable proteome.

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