ReddyPortÒ Announces Hospital IDN Network Go Live

SALT LAKE CITY, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Texas-based hospital network of 8 acute care facilities has chosen to adopt the ReddyPort® system of NIV maintenance appliances and communication devices for use in each hospital’s ICU and ED departments.  

The ReddyPort system of NIV appliances allows the clinician the opportunity to follow standard Q2/Q4 oral care protocols with NIV patients without the need to remove the mask, risking the loss of therapeutic pressure and lung compliance.  

"When speaking with the network’s clinical leadership, the ability to standardize oral care protocols that can now include NIV is a critical milestone for their success in reducing NIV failure. Since implementing ReddyPort, the response from nursing and respiratory has been overwhelmingly positive. Several nurses have expressed their appreciation to finally have the tools they need to give these patients a chance to have a positive outcome on NIV. Whether it was dry mouth relief, oral care, or communication they are thankful that their hospital has made NIV patient satisfaction and outcomes a priority with implementing ReddyPort," says Chip Creviston, VP of Sales at ReddyPort.

The hospital network installed the ReddyPort system of NIV products as part of an NV-HAP (non-ventilator Hospital Acquired Pneumonia) strategy in compliance with a recent Quick Safety article published by the Journal Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology (ICHE). 

"This article is a detailed call to action from national organizations, including The Joint Commission, to address NV-HAP. In this article, maintaining regular oral care for patients on NIV is a key prevention strategy. It urged hospitals to overcome beliefs that NVHAP prevention strategies such as oral hygiene and mobility are optional tasks rather than standard-of-care interventions," states Tony Lair, CEO of ReddyPort.

One of the driving forces behind the Texas-based hospital group’s adoption of ReddyPort was the support from the hospital’s Infection Control professionals. APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) has highlighted the risks of NV-HAP and offers an "Implementation Guide on NV-HAP" as a valuable guide for implementation of a NV-HAP mitigation program.   

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ReddyPort is focused on enabling a better care experience for patients on NIV. ReddyPort provides solutions for NIV patients to improve satisfaction, reduce risk and cost, enable better workflows, and enhance quality of care.

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