Rare Expertise Announces the Launch of the Rare Medical Network

Online Network Addresses the Urgent Need to Improve the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases by Healthcare Professionals

SAN DIEGO and MONTGOMERY, Texas, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rare Expertise, the company founded in 2015 with the mission of shortening the rare disease patient journey for diagnosis and treatment, is pleased to announce the launch of the Rare Medical Network (RMN), a group of 16 specialty-specific rare disease online publications and associated e-newsletters.

The average time for accurate diagnosis of a rare disease is about 4–5 years; in some cases, it can take over a decade. To address the challenge, Rare Medical Network (RMN) online publications and e-newsletters are designed to educate healthcare providers on the diagnosis and management of rare diseases – within their own specialty. By raising awareness of and educating physicians about rare diseases, RMN publications are designed to accelerate the diagnosis of rare diseases, and to help patients get the treatment they need more rapidly.

Each RMN publication has a dedicated website featuring relevant current news, articles, videos, information about rare diseases designed for rapid uptake (5 Key Facts), interactive educational exercises (e.g., What’s your Rare IQ?), focused on rare disease information specific to each specialty.  Each site also provides access to a unique database of more than 6,000 rare diseases profiles, with graphics designed to accelerate knowledge transfer.

“We’ve learned that the most effective way to help patients get diagnosed and treated faster is by improving education for HCPs about the rare diseases that they may encounter in their practices”, said Jack Davis, Co-Founder of Rare Expertise.

The objectives of the Rare Medical Network:

  • Improve awareness, understanding and diagnosis of rare diseases by HCPs
  • Update HCPs on new treatment options
  • Identify HCPs who are interested in learning more about specific rare diseases
  • Build customized target lists
  • Accelerate clinical trial recruitment
  • Drive awareness of specific rare disease brands and therapies

“Rare disease education is a growing need in our industry”, said Jeffrey Sweeney,  Co-Founder of Rare Expertise, “and our ability to target and educate healthcare professionals about rare diseases that are most relevant to them is a first in our industry”.

To accelerate engagement with RMN specialty websites, RMN has partnered with Equals 5, a biopharma ad-tech company that uses proprietary algorithms to provide NPI-level targeting and physician-level-data (PLD). Equals 5 can reach 1.5M HCPs across seven social media networks.

The RMN and Equals 5 partnership combines the user-focused, specialty-specific rare disease content provided by the Rare Medical Network with the unique targeting and reporting capabilities of Equals 5 to better educate HCPs about rare diseases. 

The Rare Medical Network can also reach over 500,000 healthcare professional specialists through its proprietary email database.

To learn more about the RMN or to discuss sponsorship and content opportunities please contact Jeff Sweeney (347021@email4pr.com or 858-775-4273), Jack Davis (347021@email4pr.com or 201-264-5798).

Learn more at https://www.raremedicalnetwork.com.

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SOURCE Rare Expertise