Quantum Learning, Inc. Announces Seamless Launch Readiness Training for Customer Facing Teams in New and Existing Oncology and Biopharma Companies

Launch Ready from Day One is designed to empower a company’s customer facing teams to drive demand, simplify access, and create a seamless and more integrated customer experience in highly competitive markets.

NEWTOWN, Pa., Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum Learning, Inc, the world leader in sales force effectiveness training for oncology, biopharma, and biopharma startups announced the release of Launch Ready from Day One, its latest sales force effectiveness curriculum proven to move the needle in highly competitive markets at all 4 Kirkpatrick Levels.

“If you want your new brand to achieve its full potential, you’ve got to simplify the end-to-end experience of your people and your brand at every level: HCP, account, and ecosystem,” said Fred Marshall, CEO and Founder of Quantum Learning. “‘Launch Ready from Day One’ is about empowering your customer-facing teams to sell with confidence and execute with agility.”

Launch Ready from Day One includes five key components that Quantum’s research has found to be critical for driving demand, simplifying access, and creating a seamless customer experience:

  1. Research-based competency models because hiring the right people simplifies everything.
  2. A competitive customer engagement model that creates a clear line of sight between brand strategy and face-to-face execution.
  3. Behavioral neuroscience focused on simplifying change in HCP mindsets, behaviors, and ultimately treatment protocols.
  4. Next generation brand strategy and message flow playbook.
  5. Relentless coaching and pull-through.

For more information, visit Launch Ready from Day One.

About Quantum Learning, Inc.

Quantum delivers sales force effectiveness training proven to move the needle in highly competitive markets for oncology, biopharma, and biopharma startups. Quantum has trained over 118,000 sales professionals and MSLs, certified 22,000 district managers, and supported the launch of 74 new brands. Whether you’re launching a new biologic, or trying to grow in a highly competitive market, Quantum delivers research-based customer-engagement training that consistently drives demand and simplifies access in highly competitive markets.

Fred Marshall
Quantum Learning, Inc.


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