Putnam Insights LLC Announces Expansion

17 senior consultants join Putnam Insights to launch portfolio of communication and policy services that address needs of executive leadership teams and chief communications officers (CCOs)

Core capabilities leverage drivers of corporate reputation aligned to business imperatives

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Putnam Insights LLC, a strategic communications and policy consulting firm founded by corporate affairs leader Ray Jordan, has announced the engagement of a diverse roster of 17 senior consultants to deploy eight core service offerings to corporate and non-profit clients. Jordan previously led global communications and corporate affairs functions for Amgen Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna, Inc., and preceding these roles was a corporate affairs executive at Pfizer Inc.

Putnam Insights’ tailored communications and policy services are designed to enhance enterprise infrastructure, advance policy solutions, and support growth and innovation. The company is also rolling out a curated portfolio of services to chief communications officers (CCOs) and executive leaders to identify and address key strategic opportunities, risks, and catalysts for growth.

“Advancing corporate reputation and tracking enterprise growth drivers are critical tenets of engaging stakeholders and building shareholder value,” said Jordan. “Organizations must take actions that align with their purpose, mission, and values. From there, it is crucial that these actions become visible to key stakeholders in order to build and maintain trust.”

Putnam Insights’ curated portfolio of custom services addresses high-priority enterprise needs in the areas of:

  • Corporate & Brand Reputation
  • Corporate Mission, Vision, & Purpose
  • Crisis Communications
  • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)
  • Media & Public Speaking Engagements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Initiatives & Change
  • Organizational Effectiveness

Commenting on Jordan’s professional expertise, John Doorley, former head of corporate communication at Merck and, more recently, a reputation consultant and academic thought leader, said, “Ray Jordan’s track record shows that he is among the best at building reputation for sustainable business and social outcomes. He has earned external credibility and therefore access, qualities that will help set Putnam Insights apart.”

Jordan has served the communications industry as chair of The Seminar, PhRMA’s Public Affairs Section and the National Pharmaceutical Council’s User Group. He has been active as a Board member of the Arthur W. Page Society, the Foundation for American Communications and the Institute for Public Relations.

About Putnam Insights LLC

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